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  • A tech savvy problem solver with a keen eye for detail and a passion for technology.

  • A self motivated and driven individual who thrives in dynamic environments, always ready to tackle new challenges.

  • Highly organized, with a talent for managing multiple tasks efficiently and a knack for keeping things in order.

  • A proactive learner, eager to stay ahead of the curve with the latest IT trends and best practices.

  • An excellent communicator, capable of explaining complex technical issues in simple terms and collaborating effectively with team members across departments.

  • A strategic thinker, with the ability to see the bigger picture and plan IT initiatives that align with organizational goals.

  • Flexible and adaptable, comfortable with in-office days two times monthly, and responsive to real time communication needs.

  • A team player, dedicated to supporting your colleagues and contributing positively to the workplace culture.


  • Work 5 hours per week with flexibility to do up to 10, as needed

  • Comprehensive IT Setup & Management: Lead the initial setup and ongoing management of accounts, laptops, and essential tech resources for all employees, guaranteeing an efficient digital workplace.

  • Device Lifecycle Coordination: Oversee the preparation of devices for shipment, manage returns, maintain a meticulous inventory, and ensure our tech assets are well organized and cared for.

  • Subscription Oversight: Proactively manage IT subscriptions, including tracking renewals and optimizing our tool suite to eliminate unused resources, ensuring cost effectiveness and relevance.

  • Strategic Training Initiatives: Design and implement an IT training calendar for the TribalScale team, focusing on fostering best practices in areas such as password management and cybersecurity awareness.

  • Troubleshooting & Support: Offer expert troubleshooting and problem solving services, including bi-monthly in-office days to address on site IT needs, ensuring our infrastructure always supports peak performance.

  • Real-Time Communication: Maintain a responsive presence on Slack for IT support and foster team collaboration through knowledge-sharing channels, promoting a culture of accessibility and continuous learning.


  • At least 3-5 years of experience in IT support, network administration, or a similar role with hands-on experience in managing IT infrastructure, including hardware and software troubleshooting, setup, and maintenance.

  • A bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, or a related field is preferred. Alternatively, a combination of relevant education and hands-on experience may also be considered.

  • Demonstrated experience in managing IT projects, including planning, executing, monitoring, and closing projects. Familiarity with project management tools and methodologies is a plus.

  • Proven track record in managing the lifecycle of technical equipment, from procurement and setup to inventory tracking and disposal. Experience with device management software and best practices is essential.

  • Knowledge of IT security protocols, data protection laws, and compliance requirements. Experience in conducting IT security training and awareness programs is highly desirable.

  • Experience in managing software subscriptions, license agreements, and relationships with IT vendors, ensuring cost effective utilization of services and compliance with contractual obligations.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Genuine desire to learn new skills and implement learnings into practice

  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment, capable of adapting to changing priorities and maintaining high performance under pressure.

  • Strongly organized and detail-oriented

  • Proficiency in GSuite


  • Professional IT certifications

  • Experience in an agency environment

  • Experience building projects or processes from the ground up

  • An understanding of generative AI’s impact on the world of today and tomorrow

  • Early adopter of new technology and gadgets


  • $25.00 - $30.00CAD per hour

Salary and compensation

No salary data published by company so we estimated salary based on similar jobs related to Design and Education jobs that are similar:

$70,000 — $100,000/year

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