Senior Python Engineer - Agent-Based &Amp; Generative Ai, Social Media X Web3 (Full-Time)


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Senior Python Engineer - Agent-Based & Generative AI, Social Media x Web3 (Full-time)

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Creator.Bid leads the next evolution of Content Creation with AI Creator Agents (ACAs). ACA combines Agentic and Generative with the web3 primitives. These Agents allow human creators to scale their content creation by tapping into a custom knowledge base, relevant live data sources as well as state of the art generative AI models.

The innovation of Creator.Bid lies in the ability of co-owning these AI Creator Agents via Agent Keys, blockchain-based membership credentials, which enable a novel value distribution mechanism. Our co-ownable Agents employ agentic AI workflows, leverage creator-owned knowledge bases and live data for brand-aligned, scalable content.

As part of our team, you'll contribute to shaping the future of content by empowering creators with innovative technology. With a focus on collective ownership and fair value distribution, you will be helping Creator.Bid to create a sustainable ecosystem where every contribution matters.

Who Your Are: Passionate about Generative AI for content creation and Social Media; Thrilled about discovering what are the core elements that make content perform; Taking content parameters as well as social media algorithms into account; Pro-active driver, who loves to explore the frontier and figure things out.


  • No telecommuting
  • Agencies are OK


Skills and Past Experience:

  • At least 2 years of daily use of python, 3+ preferred;
  • Experience with databases, preferably MongoDB;
  • Experience with integrating various APIs;
  • Exposure to Web3 is a big advantage;
  • Experience with Data Engineering practices is a plus;
  • Interest in NLP/Generative AI models, and exposure to latest GPT solutions;
  • Collaboration - Ability to work with stakeholders to translate business requirements into technical solutions;
  • Communication - Spoken and written English


  • Integrating centralized and decentralized generative AI model, like GPT, Midjourney;
  • Thinking outside the box, and navigating technical uncertainty;
  • Integrating with various internal and external APIs;
  • Building data-pipelines for analytics and warehousing.

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