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Data Scientist


Date listed

3 weeks ago

Employment Type

Full time

What you’ll do

  1. Design supply chain algorithms. We are obsessed with optimization. Every .01% of efficiency translates into millions saved in aggregate for our customers. Data scientists at Tajir are involved with some of our trickiest problems: what is the best way to allocate work to order pickers? What is the ideal path for a vehicle to travel? How much inventory should we hold across our logistics network?

  2. Find answers in data. What are common features of our strongest customers? What products are bought together? Where is our delivery operation weakest? Your role is to answer novel questions by diving head first into data.

  3. Enable data-driven decisions. If it takes a week to answer a data question, people will make poor decisions using instinct and superstitions. Your job is to ensure this does not happen by facilitating rapid answers to all data queries.

What we are looking for

  • You are humble. You treat others with the same kindness, patience, and respect, regardless of seniority, class, or gender.
  • You have an extreme attention to detail. No imperfection escapes your discerning eyes.
  • You care deeply about writing beautiful code. You are tired of working on teams with spaghetti code.
  • You are excited at the chance to meet our customers, to learn from them and help us decide what to build next.


  • 1 or more years of full-time experience where writing SQL is >75% of your job.
  • Elite SQL querying skills. You are a master of complex joins, CTEs, LIMIT, OFFSET, GROUP BY, HAVING, and more.
  • Experience with non-querying parts of SQL such as DDL, procedures, and indexes.
  • Experience with any non-SQL programming language.
  • Understanding of the pros and cons of relational databases (e.g. Postgres) vs columnar databases (e.g. BigQuery).

(Very, very) Nice to have

  • Experience with Python, Pandas, and Jupyter notebooks.
  • Strong math foundation through a Physics, Math, or Statistics degree.
  • You have built something cool outside of university or professional life. Without exception, we have hired every engineer who has shown us an impressive personal project.
  • You have made a substantial contribution to open source code.
  • You have interviewed one of our customers in person.

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