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MixRank processes petabytes of data every month from web crawling. We have hundreds of customers using our data products including Google, Amazon, Facebook, Intel, and Adobe, across industries Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Security.
Team is 35 full-time, full-remote from 18+ countries. We're growing, profitable, employee-owned, no dependence on outside funding. Applicants from all geographies and backgrounds are welcome.
We are looking for passionate individuals for whom programming is not just a job but it’s something they love to do. We're obsessed with computers, programming, big data, databases, compilers, hardware, math, data science, and the internet. Does this sound like you? Please apply to join our team.
Our code base is very friendly to new contributors. You'll have a fully-functional development environment within hours (fully automated) and be pushing commits on your first day. Deployments to production happen multiple times per day and finish in less than 2 minutes. Effectively all of our codebase is written in Python, Rust, SQL, Javascript/TypeScript, and Nix. The core technologies you'll need familiarity with to be productive are Python, PostgreSQL, Linux, and Git.
We operate at a larger scale than typical startups. We operate two datacenters with high performance servers we've built that are capable of dealing with the volumes of data we process. We've implemented our own distributed file system. We do full-scale web crawls. We download and perform static analysis on the entire universe of Android APKs and iOS IPAs that are published. Unlike a typical startup where you'll spend half of your time in meetings, and the other half fixing bugs from Jira tickets— at MixRank you'll get to challenge yourself with difficult technical problems that will help you to grow as an individual.
Junior Software Engineer - Remote (Global), Full-Time
We're looking for remote junior engineers that have 0-3 years of professional experience in software, and 5+ years of curiosity exploring computers, programming, and technical hobby projects. This is an open-ended entry role with mentorship and diverse opportunities to work on all areas of our product: databases, distributed systems, infrastructure and tooling, data analysis, machine learning, frontend/backend web development, APIs, data mining, data modeling, and more. To stand out, please highlight what makes you unique: passion for computing, curiosity and side projects, work ethic, niche research, etc.
Ideally you've already graduated, but if you still have one or more years left of school, please feel free to apply anyway, and if you're the right fit for the team we'll figure out a way to accommodate your schedule.
Software Engineer - Remote (Global), Full-Time
We're hiring generalist software engineers to work on web applications, data mining, machine learning/data science, data transformation/ETL, data modeling, database scaling, infrastructure, devops, and more. We'll cater the role to whatever subset of these areas match your interests.
Beneficial experience includes PostgreSQL, Python, Rust, Linux, TypeScript, Nix, frontend/backend web development, and data mining.
I'm Scott, Founder/CEO/CTO. Please apply here: https://www.ycombinator.com/companies/mixrank/jobs

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