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Riva is on a mission to end heart disease. Hypertension alone shortens people's lives by 2-12 years, if unmanaged, and over half of adults have it. That’s millions of loved ones’ birthdays people miss, bucket list vacations they won’t take, and life adventures they’ll never explore. Plus, there’s a lot more to heart disease than blood pressure—hypercholesterolemia, strokes, and heart attacks affect people every day. Heart disease kills more people than any other health condition—including every cancer combined. Whatever your skill set or professional background, there’s literally no bigger problem you could apply them toward. If we do our job, we’ll save potentially billions of dollars and extend millions of lives in the next decade—and we hope you’ll be a part of it.

About Us

Led by the founder of Siri and a PhD biomedical engineer who built the largest digital health study in history, Riva is in the late stages of the FDA approval process for enabling blood pressure and cardiovascular risk management with the camera on any recent mobile phone. With this breakthrough diagnostic tool, our own in-house medical organization, and industry-leading AI/ML, we have all the tools needed to reimagine how to battle the world's number one killer: heart disease. 

We’re a veteran, interdisciplinary team with decades of experience building generational products in both healthcare and consumer tech, and we'd love to have you join us. 


About You

You might be a great fit if you:

  • have experience with remote and asynchronous work (ideally 4-10 years)

  • love working with teams and roles outside your own (e.g. medical, operations, AI/ML, research, etc)

  • are action-biased and approach things experimentally/iteratively, not as one-offs

  • prone to rethinking things from first principles, or doing things differently

  • are systematic and evidence-based, not just in your work and thinking, but in aspects of personal life

  • can find ways to deliver creative solutions while working under a variety of constraints (like regulatory frameworks, limited time or resources, or small data sets to inform a course of action)

  • have healthcare or fintech experience, particularly with a mix of consumer mobile and enterprise products, and ideally with companies who rapidly scaled while you were there know more than just design (e.g. a little marketing, product, engineering, no-code, or ops)


About the Role

We are looking for people who are excited about changing the future of healthcare. You don’t have to know much about cardiovascular health, but should be excited to learn the necessary knowledge for the job.

This is a fit for you if you’re up for:

  • Owning the experience and design across a variety of form factors (mobile, web, virtual/IRL visits, physical products, etc) and personas (low health literacy patients, health optimizers, doctors, health coaches, and technology partners

  • Crafting design systems that unify objectives across the product ecosystem

  • Rapidly learning things from medicine, regulation, or elsewhere to inform the design direction

  • Leveraging design to transform sometimes super-complex workflows into elegant and simple experiences (even if the logic that drives them is suitably complicated on the back-end)

  • Doing or directing things outside of pure UX/UI design where need be, like lifecycle communications logic, microcopy, visit scripts, and marketing

  • Building a team and designing processes to scale and upskill them (in the not-too-distant future)

  • A mix of independent contributor-type work and leadership; i.e. managing work with internal teammates and outsourced contractors when the situation calls for it, along with getting your hands dirty from time-to-time

  • Making data-driven decisions and working in an iterative process, both with research/prototyping and a rapid ship-and-earn cadence

Why you might be excited:

  • We save and length lives (usually around 5-7 years). There aren’t many design challenges that you could work on where that will be the case.

  • We seriously value design. Design is a first-class citizen in the organization, so you will not be fighting uphill battles trying to convince people that the design matters.

  • We have lots of unique design challenges, multiple platforms, and several (very different) user types. If your current work is sometimes too boring, that won’t be the case here.

  • We’ll let you shape the role and your trajectory in a way that you’re excited about (as much as we can). We believe that satisfaction and job happiness matter, so we’ll try to help you prioritize new skills you want to learn, focus on the things you’re best at while offloading the rest, and so on.

  • We value a work-life balance. We care about your personal development and your family, too. Stress from work is a leading risk factor for cardiovascular issues—we’re trying to fix these, not cause them.

  • We have a stellar team that’s truly up to the task of tackling the most important health issue in the world.

Why you might NOT be excited:

  • We’re still a start-up, so if you like to work with already established companies or in super-rigid processes, it’s not yet the right time for us.

  • Priorities and projects may shift since we’re still in the early stages, so you’ll have to be comfortable with calling an audible from time-to-time.

  • We can’t provide a ton of close mentorship or skill development. We are looking for people who are a little more experienced and self-directed right now.

  • You will have a lot of creative responsibility over projects, and they may not be defined perfectly at first.

  • We are regulated by the FDA, HIPAA, and other frameworks, so if you aren’t experienced working in regulated industries like healthcare, fintech, or certain enterprise verticals, this might be frustrating at first.

  • While we’re big believers in asynchronous work, enabling different working styles, and prioritizing outcomes over specific paths to get there... we like to move fast. We believe that speed is a habit, and more iterations leads to better outcomes.


Product Stack

  • We use Figma, Adobe CS, Coda, Loom, Slack, Airtable, Mixpanel, and other modern tools.

  • If you’re very healthcare-y, we use Athena, OpenLoop, Vanta, and Truepill.

  • We have products on iOS, Android, and Web, along with a few physical welcome kits.


Join the team

If you're interested in working with an amazing team on one of the most meaningful problems in the world, let’s chat.


✅ Riva Health is an equal opportunity employer. If our mission and the opportunity resonates with you, we encourage you to get in touch—even if your experience doesn't line up exactly with the job description.

🚫 No recruiters or agencies or people/HR startups, please.

🇺🇸 US & 🇨🇦 Canada candidates only

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