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🟢 About Greenlite

Greenlite builds AI agents for financial crime investigations. Fintechs and banks use Greenlite agents to automate workflows like suspicious activity investigations, entity due diligence and regulatory reporting.

We've raised >$4M, generate significant annual recurring revenue and serve financial institutions across three continents -- all in under 3 months since launching. We're on an insane trajectory and we're looking for people who want to join us on the journey to building a billion-dollar company.

🌎 The Problem we’re trying to solve

Over $2 trillion is involved in money-laundering every year - that's about the size of the Canadian economy. Laundered money is the direct proceeds of some of the most heinous crimes in the world - like human trafficking, child pornography and war profiteering.

Unfortunately, with the tools we have today, we only catch 1% of it. Increasing this percentage would dramatically dent the profitability of these industries and protect more people from the harms they create.

🧑‍💻 How we’re solving this problem

Greenlite brings large language models to the fight against financial crime. Our AI agents equip financial services companies with investigative capacity to review suspicious activity, conduct entity due diligence and regulatory reporting.

📈 Why we’re hiring

Demand for Greenlite has exceeded our expectations and outpaced our ability to build the product. We’re looking for our very first employee to join us as we apply the latest in LLMs technology to one of the most meaningful sectors in the world.

The People and Environment

❤️ The culture you’ll be working in:

We prioritize speed. We move quick and want teammates who are always itching to move faster. We don’t ponder or theorize, we put things into the hands of our customers to get critical feedback in days, not months.

We’re optimists. We believe we can change the world and that we’re the right team to do it. We mesh well with people who have self-confidence and who thrive in a positive, supportive environment. We want to help each other be the best version of ourselves.

We build with our customers. We spend a lot of time with our customers. We ask a lot of questions, listen hard and try to find ways to make their lives better. We’re energized by customer praise and keep finding ways to deliver a 10x better customer experience.

👋 The people you’ll be working with

Alex (CTO & Co-founder): Alex is a former engineer and product manager on Dropbox’s growth and monetization teams. He was the first employee at Flixed where he led product development and built a programmatic content engine. Alex grew up in Toronto and has lived in San Francisco and Seattle.

Will (CEO & Co-founder): Will led product for Facebook's anti-money laundering (AML) platform, combating financial crimes across payment, gaming and e-commerce use cases. He also built core compliance infrastructure at Paxos, a growth-staged fintech that powers over 10M crypto wallets globally. He grew up in Toronto and has lived in San Francisco, London and Vancouver.

🏗️ What you’ll be doing here:

Own: what you’ll be responsible for

Ship, optimize and deploy new prompting workflows: As the lead for Applied AI, you will partner directly with our CTO to create our core LLM workflows from prototype to production. This is a lot of responsibility and we want someone who is excited by this level of ownership.

Advancing applied AI: You're someone who keeps up with the latest developments in AI in their spare time and wants to apply these to solve real problems. As a result, you'll be solving frontier problems in combining LLMs with software.

Building for customers: We're not a research lab -- we're building enterprise-ready agents that solve real customer problems. A big part of this role is spending time with our customers to deeply understand their problems and building solutions to automate their work.

Assist: what you’ll collaborate on with others

Building a strong engineering team: you’ll partner with the founding team to build, scale and set the culture for our engineering team. You’ll help with hiring, onboarding and leading a team.

Product direction: you’ll actively contribute to the strategic direction of the product and company.

Our Stack

  • Typescript
  • Deno
  • Next.JS
  • Postgres

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