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Email Deliverability Consultant / 1st Employee.


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2 months ago

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The Email Deliverability Consultant is responsible for helping our customers resolve their email issues. This means four main responsibilities (by order of priority):

  • Detect customers' issues and help them fix them
  • Fix known customers' issues
  • Write documentation and thought leadership articles to help our customers (and future ones)
  • Everything else you can think of (e.g., signing up for MAAWG and representing us, etc.)

Here are a few examples of what you’d do:

  • Build a system of record to keep track of the work done for customers
  • Spec’out the new version of our deliverability monitors.
  • Analyze the delivery stack of one of our customers and write and deploy some improvements.
  • Measure said improvements and report them to the customers.
  • Write a blog post about how to cold-email prospects the right way. By that, I mean a way where you don’t end up in spam and are respectful of the recipients
  • Run a study to compare email warmers. We’re thinking of building one, but empirically we find them useless. This study will be published and open.
  • One of our customers has a reputation issue, and we need to experiment and teach them how to segment their users properly. They’re pretty smart about it but not data-driven enough, so we run the math using our deliverability tools.
  • Improve our product with your new ideas.

On average, half of your time will be spent interacting with customers (either them or their system) and half on Inboxbooster’s product (blog posts, documentation,...).

Skills and qualifications

Here are the skills you’ll need to succeed in the role. You don’t need all of them to be a good fit, but this is what we’ll evaluate.

  • Know how to work in a fully remote company.
  • Take ownership of tasks and drive them forwards. We are a startup; you’ll be the first employee.
  • Interpersonal Skills/Leadership Capabilities
  • Ability to lead consulting conversations and engagements independently
  • Ability to analyze customer needs to identify core issues that are not working and present solutions clearly and succinctly.
  • Good people and interpersonal skills with various clients with a collaborative and problem-solving approach.
  • Strong understanding of email deliverability.
  • Proficiency in email marketing software.
  • SQL/Python/HTML basics (using ChatGPT is fine)
  • Understanding of basic statistics

About Us

We’re Inboxbooster. We’re building tools to remake email from the ground up. Our first tool is a pixel tracker allowing you to detect deliverability issues; the second is a tool to resolve them. We just closed a $2M funding round and achieved product/market fit, and now we’re looking to build the team. Our two websites: https://inboxbooster.com and https://manycore.io to learn more

Why Join Us?

  • You’ll learn from deliverability experts.
  • Fully remote work. Work from where you want. From the country you want.
  • You’ll get to shape the future of email.
  • You’ll get to learn how a fast-growing and chaotic startup operates. We’re two founders with previous exits.
  • International setups: our customers are from all over the world. Marcus is Swedish, I’m French.


  • Salary: $75K to $120K + stock-options 0.1%-2%
  • Work hours are flexible both ways. Our customers are in Europe, India, and the USA. You’ll need to be flexible with this.
  • If US-based, health insurance, 401K, and HSA. If foreign, we’ll figure it out together.
  • Work-from-home allowance or a WeWork subscription

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