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Full Stack Developer – Healthtech Startup // Lylu

Lylu | Berlin, Germany

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2 months ago

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Full time

About Lylu Have you ever tried to explain a tablet or smartphone to your grandparents? Did it work? If not, you are not alone. This is exactly why we are building Lylu. Lylu is a well-funded, early-stage HealthTech Startup on a mission: building a just world, where all elderly people can live a happy and fulfilled life. The first step is the Lylu Tablet. It helps bring elderly people online and connect them to their loved ones. The tablet does this with the help of the Lylu software. The special sauce? The software magically simplifies the look and feel of all apps and makes them look the same - so our grandparents can enjoy the same things we do! But the tablet is just the beginning. Our vision is to leverage the enormous possibilities of modern technology to improve the everyday lives of elderly people all around the world. Be part of the adventure! Your Challenges You will be our first tech hire and it’s early days on our adventure, so you will be involved across many different tasks and take varying roles such as. . . The ENTREPRENEUR - Build the future You will have a major impact on literally everything: you will be part of all decisions, influence our future path and help us build a great culture. The TECHIE - Shape the tech stack You will work on all layers of our tech stack and make necessary additions to it: from Android, Cordova and Angular to AWS. The MACHINE - Make the product better You will be the person to get the job done: develop and implement new features and ensure that everything runs smoothly for the best customer experience. The DETECTIVE - Find unique solutions You will go places no one's been before: find workarounds for rare technical problems by experimenting and combining knowledge from all areas of software development. The VISIONARY - Develop new products You will make the difference: dream up the next product and make it happen by exploring, conceptualizing and developing cutting edge software. Your Profile You don’t need a degree, you need experience.

  • You have 7+ years of experience with most of: TypeScript / JavaScript, Node AWS (Lambda, DynamoDB, EC2, CDK) Java, Android SDK, Android Enterprise
  • You have worked with a CI/CD and test frameworks before
You enjoy working in fast-paced environments. We are an early-stage startup and no two days are the same. You adapt when requirements and focus change quickly and you enjoy the rollercoaster if things are thrilling, challenging and euphoric all on the same day. You are persistent and you never give up. We face a lot of challenges none of us encountered before. You’re not a quitter, you don't give up and keep pushing, even when faced with difficult challenges. You are open and work constructively with others. We are soft on the people, hard on the matter. You enjoy working in a team and you feel comfortable to articulate the good and the even-better-ifs. You strive for constant improvement. We want to grow every day and never settle for average. You share this attitude and enjoy working on becoming 1% better every day. Your Benefits Competitive salary + equity package The employees are the heart of Lylu. We want them to benefit from Lylu’s success and that’s why you receive an attractive equity package in addition to your salary. Free breakfast, lunch and dinner We look out for you. We provide you a healthy breakfast and lunch. And in case you stay late, dinner is on us. High-end equipment Life is great when you enjoy your technical setup. You will get the newest MacBook Pro, AirPods Max, 3 screens and whatever else you need. Growth Budget Lylu can only grow if the team grows. This is why we provide you with subscriptions for your personal and professional development. Fun events Outstanding teams need to work on and off the pitch. We make sure to prioritize team events, where we can laugh together and get to know each other better. Remote friendly Everyone has their own working style. This is why we support different working setups - wherever they might be. Recruitment Process We can't wait to meet you! : ) We love transparency and we respect your time. That's why we want to give you a taste of what the process will look like upfront. 1. Getting to know each other (25min) We want to tell you more about us and the role, and to learn more about you. This is about getting to know each other and seeing if there is a fit. 2. Personal Interview (45min) We are excited to get to know you better and learn more about your background, ambition and values. You will have the chance to tell us more about your outstanding technical skills and what you expect from us as an employer. This is as much about selling ourselves to you as you telling us how awesome you are. 3. Take home task (6h) We’d like to see how you approach projects. For this, we will give you a fun task that involves a real-world development problem. This gives you the opportunity to show off your skills as a full stack developer and convince us that you have what it takes. 4. A technical deep-dive (1.5h) We have a lot of technical challenges ahead of us and we want to see how you would tackle them. We will first talk about the approach you took in the take-home task and then jump over to some challenges Lylu is facing. This is your time to shine! 5. Meet the Team (2h) We want you to meet your future colleagues in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. We will invite you to a fun event like bowling or dinner. Of course, everything is on us! __6. Final Conversation (45min) We want to give you a final opportunity to reflect whether you are happy with the fit and discuss salary and equity options.__

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