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2 months ago

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Full time




$50k - $100k

Keywords: remote web3 blockchain

Job Description

  • Drive and take ownership of the client onboarding process from lead to signature and Operations and Marketing handovers. Guide them through the launchpad’s process and provide necessary resources.
  • Respond to all incoming leads in a timeous, professional manner
  • Ensure the best client experience through professional and friendly engagements and timeous feedback.
  • Work with the rest of the Business Development team to ensure that projects are evaluated thoroughly and only the best teams and projects are selected.
  • Compile and manage weekly/monthly reports & keep Business Development marketing material up to date.
  • Structure and negotiate deal-flow partnerships: Secure mutually beneficial agreements with projects, investors, and advisors.
  • Manage the due diligence process: Compile DD briefs, manage the compilation of DD Reports, ensure approval & feedback from the relevant stakeholders
  • Manage project communications: Facilitate smooth interaction between the launchpad, projects, and stakeholders.
  • Track project progress and performance: Monitor key metrics and identify potential issues.
  • Stay informed about industry trends and regulations: Adapt strategies and processes based on market changes.

Qualification## s

  • Solid, proven business development experience
  • 2 + years blockchain/crypto experience
  • Deep knowledge of Web3 commercials and sectors
  • Relevant degree or qualification
  • Well organized in file management
  • Able to work on highly iterative processes and adapt for project changes
  • Proactive and highly organised, with strong time management and planning skills
  • Able to meet tight deadlines and remain calm under pressure
  • Experience at advising key stakeholders at senior and board level
  • Launchpad experience a plus

Weekly Tasks

  • Conduct at least 15 intro meetings per week
  • Respond to Telegram introductions within 12 hours
  • Review & Drive Pipeline: Analyze current leads, assess their fit and potential, and prioritize promising prospects.
  • Schedule daily calls with qualified leads Initiate contact with potential launchpad candidates based on your criteria.
  • Keep track of and respond to all Telegram Conversations in a timely manner
  • Do initial data collection and project analysis Deep dive into project details, address concerns, and build rapport.
  • Develop a Due Diligence brief to send to outsourced Due Diligence partner
  • Ensure that a DD Report is compiled in a timely manner
  • Present DD report to the approval committee and drive the approval process
  • Draw up contracts and drive them to signature
  • Oversee the KYB process
  • Hand over the project to the necessary Operations and Marketing Teams
  • Negotiate and finalize 1-2 partnership agreements: Secure deals with promising projects aligning with launchpad goals.
  • Analyze lead conversion rates and identify improvement areas: Track progress and optimize the BD process.
  • Prepare a weekly report for leadership: Summarize key activities, pipeline updates, and partnership progress..

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