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Felt is the best way to make maps on the internet. It's surprisingly hard to make a map today, and people in 15+ industries rely on them to do their jobs. Climate change and the resulting natural disasters are forcing even more people to become map-makers, and Felt is here to meet that need. It's the first easy-to-use collaborative mapping software, founded by a team of technologists with a proven track-record. My co-founder and CEO, Sam, is a former YC founder who sold his previous company [1] and I'm an early Uber engineer.
We are on the lookout for an exceptional Elixir engineer. Our application team builds what our end-users experience; a lightning fast and easy-to-use mapping tool that works in the browser. We are primarily using Elixir / Phoenix on the server side and have a spatially focused React on the frontend side. As an engineering manager, you'll be working with folks who are experts in their field [2], release more than 15+ a day [3], and aren't afraid to break new ground when necessary [4].
Our data team makes geospatial datasets a breeze to work with and we are currently building our next-generation of our data stack on AWS. The team you'll be joining is full of expert engineers, and well known people in the Elixir community. You might have used their work already.
We are well-funded and just raised our $15M Series A. You can read more about it our funding here [5], and our announcement here [6]. Our terms are employee-friendly terms such as early exercise, a 10-year exercise window and even a matching 401(k).[7]
[1] https://techcrunch.com/2021/03/09/via-buys-mapping-startup-r... [2] https://felt.com/blog/hashrocket-ultimate-elixir-to-the-next... [3] https://felt.com/blog/how-felt-deploys-15-times-a-day [4] https://digest.browsertech.com/archive/browsetech-digest-fel... [5] https://techcrunch.com/2022/05/31/felt-maps-15-million-serie... [6] https://felt.com/blog/public-beta-15m-series-a [7] https://felt.com/careers

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