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We are looking for a well-rounded, product-focused software developer who is able to work independently to help us to continue to build our products.  

Product usability is really important for us and our customers love us for it.  A key trait that we are looking for is a person who gets really excited about building products that end users love.

By well-rounded, we mean:
  • Technically skilled.  You write great code, documentation, and tests.  Things like mocking are easy for you.
  • Product focused in that you are always thinking about how to best meet our users needs.  You don't need to be a UX/UI person, but you think about it.
  • Security aware.  We process confidential info of customers so we need to follow best practices.
  • Cloud aware.  You don't need to be a dev ops person but you should have a solid understanding of the capabilities and limitations of cloud tools.
Our app is PaaS (App Engine and ElasticBeanstalk) and our code base is mostly backend using Python/Flask.  Javascript/jQuery is used where needed such as to improve the user experience and for our Word add-in (we could migrate to a more modern js framework in the future).

We use AI, machine learning, and natural language processing in our products.  You do not need to have experience with this, but if that is something you would like to work on, there are plenty of opportunities for that.

The CEO is a patent attorney and our products relate to automating the work of patent attorneys.  Two examples are (1) a patent-based proofreading tool to find mistakes in patent applications before they are filed and (2) drafting automation tools to automate tedious patent drafting tasks.  The CEO is also the primary developer so you will be working closely with the CEO.

Applications are only accepted via this Google forms link (

Salary range of $125k-175k with possibility of stock options.


  • Highly proficient in Python.   At least 5 years of experience.
  • Ability to write comprehensive tests with pytest.
  • Ability to write mocks for testing.
  • Proficiency with Git including branching and merging.
  • Proficiency with HTML and CSS.
  • Knowledge of Flask.
  • Knowledge of Javascript and jQuery.
  • Experience with deploying apps to Google Cloud or AWS.
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English.
  • Understanding of UX (user experience) design principles.
  • Deep knowledge of Javascript/jQuery.
  • Experience with data science, machine learning, pyTorch, or spaCy.
  • Experience with web scraping.
  • Experience with patents.
We are a 100% remote team and all qualified, U.S.-based candidates will be considered.

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