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Head Of Banking Operations - Utah


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Seis is banking for the 44 million native Spanish speakers living in the US.

Our mission is to build the most delightful, full-service banking experience for anyone who wants to bank in their native Spanish. Our goal is to make such an amazing banking experience that people will wish they spoke Spanish so they could bank with us.

We treat Spanish speakers as first class citizens & are ending dial 2 for español.

We launched our checking account + debit card product in Q4’21 and are growing very quickly - we need your help to continue creating an amazing experience for our customers.

We’ve been covered by CNN, Univision, CNN Español, Solo Dinero, and other press outlets.

We’ve raised >$23 million from Goodwater Capital, Album VC, F Prime (Fidelity), Y Combinator & some of the biggest investors in fintech, including Immad Akhund (CEO @ Mercury), Harry Hurst (Founder @ Pipe.com), Austen Allred (CEO @ Bloomtech), Deepak Chhugani (CEO @ Nuvo Cargo), Dan Romero (Coinbase), Elad Gil, Shrug Capital, Peterson Ventures, Jason Garcia (Head of Capital Markets @ Mercury), and many others.

Here are some things you’ll do on the job:

  • Disputes: you’ll own our entire disputes process. The goal is to make sure customers with legitimate disputes get an A+ experience, while also stopping back actors from taking advantage of Seis via fraud.
  • Partner bank relationship: run the day-to-day operational relationship with our partner bank. This includes many things (see below), including advocating for our customers and helping our partner understand the unique use cases & behaviors of our customer base
  • AML: run our AML identification process closely with our partner bank. This means proactively identifying accounts that should be closed, responding quickly to bank requests, and advocating for customers accounts that don’t show signs of AML
  • Negative account balances: build & run the process for preventing & investigating accounts with negative balances. Make sure we dispute any transactions where we’re owed money, and work with the product & engineering team to prevent future customers from creating negative balances.
  • Card inventory: manage our debit card inventory soup to nuts, from forecasting demand, to purchasing supply, to working with our card vendors, to shopping around to get better rates, to making sure that our customers are always getting the card they ordered on time, and at the cheapest cost possible
  • Case Management: Improve our current case management system to help us give the best & most organized experience possible for customers with any type of escalated issue.
  • EDD: Continue to build out our EDD function in partnership with our banking partner, from high level strategy to process implementation
  • Fraudulent Merchants: run the operations of ensuring fraudulent merchants don’t charge our customers’ cards, while also making sure that legitimate merchants aren’t blocked
  • Suspected Fraud on debit cards: sometimes Visa flags a customer’s card as “Suspected Fraud” based on one of their transactions. Sometimes this is correct, other times it’s not, and the customer has to wait for us to turn their card back on. This needs to help the customers who are actually vulnerable while having zero impact on customers trying to make real, authentic transactions.
  • Rejected Docs in applications: run the process where we help customers submit (and resubmit) the correct documents as part of their account application, so they can open a Seis account
  • Customer Support: you will work alongside our Customer Support team, receiving tickets that belong to you like disputes, while also being a source of answers & feedback to the Customer Support team on specific customers & ideas
  • Work cross-functionally to improve our product, investigate thorny technical (either engineering or banking-related) issues, and fix bugs
  • Turn disputes & other customers pains from problems into genuine customer love

You’ll know you’re successful when:

  • Our margins increase because more customers love us more
  • Customer Support no longer has to manage disputes
  • Our partner bank says we’re their most organized & proactive client
  • Customers with legitimate disputes get their money back quickly, but fraudulent actors are prevented & shut out of the Seis ecosystem
  • We get charged less for negative account balances, thereby increasing margins
  • More customers get through our application process
  • Real merchants aren’t accidentally blocked

About you

  • If you have a background in consumer fintech & card programs that is ideal, but not required
    • We are interested in talking to “BizOps” types who can learn quickly & do the work themselves
  • We’re looking for someone who has the experience & judgment to make the right decisions, and who can also implement the work & do the work themselves
    • If you’re someone who will need to hire a big team to do all of this, you’re not the right person
  • You’re a process machine. You love implementing complicated processes, running them, and making sure nothing slips through the cracks while also never forgetting the bigger picture
  • You love running a tight process but would feel significant pain if it ever went against the interests of our customers
  • You can speak professionally & kindly to many different stakeholders, including our bank partner
  • You love problem solving & making teams, products, and processes more efficient
  • You have some product sense and knowledge of banking products such as ACH, International Wires, SWIFT, checks, and debit cards
  • You get joy out of delighting customers & feel a genuine need to serve them

Additional Info

  • We’ll pay for relocation to Utah if you aren’t already here
  • We offer fully paid medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • 401k available

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