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Founding Frontend Engineer


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1 month ago

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Full time

Preferred Skills: Node.js, Next.js, React, Swift, iOS, Solito, TypeScript, Dynamodb, Firestore

Founding Engineers will be directly working with our CTO and CEO. At Roame, technology, and design are the first principles on which our company is built where focus on delightful UX is the priority. As a Roame founding engineer, ownership comes first, you will drive technical designs and direction of our company. This is the best opportunity for fintech/travel-obsessed engineers to create a major lasting impact on the way that we as humans travel.


Regardless of Role, the founding engineer will work closely with everyone on the team to implement backend/frontend changes based on company goals. We are design and technology first, we work backward from our goals (much like Apple), so balancing technical debt and engineering best practices is key. Being comfortable with ownership + failure is very important to us.


BS+ in Science/Engineering (CS, EECS, Math, Physics) 2+ years of experience as an engineer (0-1 experience is great, but we want to see production experience);

Frontend: NextJS, Swift, iOS, Solito, Expo (we haven't decided on a stack yet, you will decide, but frontend + mobile proficiency is a plus)


  • Competitive salary and equity as an early member of our engineering team.
  • Full benefits package, including premium healthcare coverage for you.
  • Dogfooding our own product (we're Travel/Fintech, so use your imagination)
  • Dog friendly office

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