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Freelance Tiktok Community Manager At Montage / Dear Nextgen Podcast


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Why not get paid for scrolling? Our non-profit that bridges gaps between generations and provides mentorship is looking to grow on online community. We’re looking to reach new Gen Z women and find role models from all walks of life and engage with them on TikTok

This role is for someone who naturally enjoys adopting a brands voice and commenting, liking and following on social media. Fast fingers are a must. 😉 

Ideally we’d love a long term relationship and you can expect to work 15-20minutes a day for 4x a week of your choosing.

You can learn more on our website and see if you’d align with the brand tone at: www.yourmontage.ca we also have a podcast called Dear Next Gen on Spotify & Apple podcast. 

  • Engagement wizard: Let those cheeky comments, encouraging messages and creative responses shine. You’ll be the voice behind the account as reach new audiences through engagement. You will spend 15-20 minutes a day x 4 days a week or you’re choosing to engaging and create community for our new account
  • Make online friends: You’ll be responsible to follow and source new TikTok accounts that could be fun for our community to keep a pulse on. 
  • Video saves: As you scroll you may stumble upon a video topic of helpful hack that the community might enjoy. Your role would entail saving the video into it’s respective collection. 

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