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About prePO 🔮

prePO is the decentralized trading platform for pre-public assets - pre-stocks, pre-tokens, points, and more.

Our mission is to democratize pre-public investing - transforming a world of financial exclusion into a world of permissionless access. 🌎

The Dream Team 💫

At prePO, we are building a fully-remote, globally-distributed dream team. Like a professional sports team, we want every player on the field to be a superstar in their position and play extremely effectively with others.

We are also backed by world-class investors (>$4M in funding to date), including founders from Gnosis, 1inch, Illuvium, and more!

Our Values 💝

At prePO, the following team values describe the people we want to work with (and the people you would want to work with too!):

  • Passion: being engaged and enthusiastic about the work, the mission, and making an effective impact on the world.
  • Autonomy: being proactive, resourceful, and making decisions in prePO’s best interest.
  • Overcommunication: sharing feedback and all relevant information - directly, frequently, clearly and empathetically.
  • High Performance: producing high-quality outcomes with speed and consistency, and continuously raising the bar for yourself and others.
  • Focus: being laser-focused on high-priority, high-impact tasks that work us towards achieving prePO’s mission.
  • Incrementalism: delivering value via incremental iterations.
  • Simplicity: seeking out the simplest solutions.
  • Innovation: embracing creativity, and leading the industry with forward-thinking ideas.
  • Decentralization: valuing solutions which are trustless, permissionless and automated.

The Role 💻

prePO is looking for a Web3 Marketing Manager to spearhead our marketing efforts. This role is designed for a dynamic, self-motivated individual who thrives in a fast-paced environment and is ready to take on the challenge of managing our marketing initiatives as a one-person powerhouse. The ideal candidate will be a creative force, adept at crafting compelling narratives and visual content that resonate with the Web3 community, driving engagement and fostering a strong, vibrant ecosystem around our platform.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Social Media Management: Take charge of all social media channels as a team of 1, crafting and disseminating content that engages and grows our community.
  • Content Creation: Determine creative direction and create a wide variety of content, including threads, blog posts, memes, emails, short videos, infographics, and more.
  • Campaign Execution: Lead the hands-on execution of marketing campaigns, from planning to implementation, focusing on actionable outcomes that drive key business metrics.
  • Community Engagement: Actively manage and engage with our community across platforms, organizing events like Twitter Spaces, AMAs, and more to foster a strong, interactive user base.
  • Partner Coordination: Collaborate with the business development team and external partners on marketing initiatives, enhancing our reach and impact within the ecosystem.
  • Press Release Strategy: Plan and execute press releases, ensuring timely and effective communication of prePO’s milestones and updates to the broader market.
  • Quest Management: Design and implement quest campaigns using web3 platforms, engaging users in interactive and rewarding ways to deepen their connection with prePO and scale/decentralize prePO’s marketing efforts.
  • Process Design Optimization: Streamline and optimize marketing processes through the use of marketing automation tools.

The Ideal Candidate 🏅

The ideal candidate for this role will be an entrepreneurial, results-driven executor with:

  • Proven Marketing Experience: 3+ years in a marketing role with at least 1+ year in web3, and a strong background in working within small early-stage startup teams.
  • Communication Skills: Possesses world-class verbal and written communication skills, capable of engaging effectively with partners and teams.
  • Graphic Design: Skilled in creating compelling visuals to accompany social media campaigns, with specific proficiency in Canva and/or other graphic design tools.
  • Web3 Native: Deeply embedded in the culture of Web3, with an intuitive understanding of memes, trends, and the lingo of the space.
  • Social Media Track Record: Exhibits exceptional ability in creating content and growing a large and engaged audience on key web3 social media platforms like Twitter.
  • Self-Sufficiency: Comfortable operating as a one-person team, with a track record of independently managing and executing all aspects of a marketing function.
  • Team Values: An embodiment of all prePO’s team values, showing commitment to the collective success of the team.

We are committed to fostering diversity and inclusivity within our organization, and strongly encourage candidates of all backgrounds to apply, even if they don’t match all the above criteria.

Note that we cannot offer visa sponsorships at this time.

Benefits & Perks 🎁

  • Fully-remote work with flexible working hours
  • Work on the bleeding edge of DeFi and crypto
  • Learn from other senior high-performing team members
  • Team game nights + off-sites + sponsored conference trips
  • Budget for learning / professional development / subscriptions
  • Join a force for good - prePO has made a pledge to dedicate at least 2% of time, product, and profit towards charity

We look forward to your application!

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