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Raylu makes it incredibly easy for software teams to build and integrate powerful AI assistants that far surpass the functionality of traditional chatbots or ChatGPT. Raylu’s AI assistants make it possible for software to be a partner that can accomplish what you ask of it, making the idea of “doing work” in software obsolete.
What it’s like working at Raylu: - We are a small team of 4 (soon to be 6) all based out of NYC working out of our office in midtown manhattan everyday (with WFH flexibility when needed).
- Everyday we tackle new unsolved challenges (e.g. how the heck do you we make this LLM released yesterday solve our problem? how can we innovate on chat UX?)
- We work hard. We don’t believe in hustle culture, toxic workplaces, and sacrificing balance, but startups are really hard - so we put in the time and effort needed to succeed.
- We are courageous yet humble with our work. Everyday we sprint into unknown territory courageously building what we think is the thing everyone wants, but we have the humility to hear feedback, fail gracefully, and rebuild quickly.
Learn more about us, the role, and link to apply at https://careers.raylu.dev/

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