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At SwiftSku, we are dedicated to helping independent convenience store owners unlock their full potential through innovative technology solutions. Our mission is to empower your businesses with the tools and insights needed to streamline your operations, leverage promotional discounts, and increase revenue. With our state-of-the-art business intelligence platform, you can make data-driven decisions, optimize inventory, and stay ahead of the competition. Join us and experience the SwiftSku advantage in transforming your convenience store business.

Job Description:

We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Head of Sales to join our core leadership team. As the Head of Sales, you will play a pivotal role in driving the growth and success of our organization. You will be responsible for making strategic decisions, building a top-notch sales team, and closing significant deals. In addition, you will oversee the current sales operations and focus on improving training for new team members.


Strategic Leadership: As a key member of the leadership team, you will contribute to strategic planning and decision-making processes to drive the company's growth. Your ability to think strategically and make high-impact decisions will be crucial in this role.

Talent Acquisition: You will be responsible for finding and attracting exceptional sales talent to support the growth of our sales department. Your expertise in identifying and selecting top performers will be instrumental in building a high-performing sales team.

Startup Mindset: Possess a deep passion for the startup world and thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. As a startup junkie, you should have experience working at early-stage software startups and have a strong entrepreneurial attitude, capable of solving complex problems and driving initiatives.

Sales Operations Management: Oversee and optimize current sales operations, including refining training programs for new hires. Implement systems and processes to help scale our sales efforts, ensuring efficient lead generation, prospecting, and pipeline management.

P&L Management: Possess the ability to manage the Profit and Loss (P&L) of the sales department. You should have prior experience in managing P&L and be capable of driving revenue growth.

Cross-functional Collaboration: Collaborate closely with internal teams, such as product development, marketing, and customer success, to ensure client needs are met and that our solutions continuously improve. Provide valuable insights and contribute to the development of sales strategies based on market research and competitor analysis.

Tech-savvy and Data-driven: Demonstrate a "tools first" mindset and proficiency in utilising sales enablement tools and CRM systems, particularly Salesforce. Have a data-driven mindset, comfortable generating reports, performing basic data analysis, and proficient in using Google Sheets/Excel.

Sales Execution: Act as an Individual Contributor (IC) when necessary and comfortable in doing so. Take charge of identifying and closing major deals, leveraging your experience in selling software products to the international market, with a particular focus on the American market. You should have a track record of selling brand-new software products that have never been previously sold.

Culture Fit: Embrace and embody our company's culture. Be an excellent communicator with great written communication skills and complete fluency in English. Ensure alignment with our company's values and vision.

Additional Requirements:

Proven Experience: Have successfully scaled revenue from USD 500k or less to over USD 10M as the highest-ranking sales leader at a software start-up. Ideally, you have achieved this level of growth two or three times, preferably as the first sales leader hired.

Startup Background: Have experience working in early-stage software start-up with ambitious goals. These start-ups should be venture-backed with high expectations from investors, and you should have familiarity with start-ups fundraising process.

Cold Outbound Sales: Demonstrate experience in managing a heavy cold outbound process, capable of taking charge of our internal "call center-like" sales process.

Marketing Experience: Possess sufficient marketing experience to contribute to marketing initiatives and collaborate effectively with the marketing team.

Systems Implementation: Have implemented systems and processes to help early-stage start-ups scale effectively.

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