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Zealth helps patients suffering from serious diseases like cancer, manage their condition at home and stay connected with their doctor through its intelligent remote monitoring software. Zealth is an early stage startup backed by some of the world's best investors like Y Combinator.

Is this position right for me?

In this role - you will be working closely with the founders to build a platform for remote monitoring of patients suffering from chronic diseases.

Well why is this challenging? Healthcare data contains information coming in from User devices, Reports, Discharge summaries, Medication & its adherence, Nutrition and its adherence - from sources that are at your home ( Mobile and other home appliances ), wearables, your prescriptions, discharge summaries and the hospital in itself. You will be at the core of designing and scaling systems in our flagship product CareShare.

What does your everyday look like?

  1. Very high level of ownership - you will be directly interacting with the customers ( Read : doctors / patients ) to make design decisions.
  2. More of a family than a team - there are good days and there are bad days - we share them all.
  3. You will be working with people from a broad range of backgrounds - Both from the medical science as well as engineering.

What is our current tech stack?

  1. Our backend is built using node.js | MongoDB | Express.
  2. Our algorithms are built in Python | Neo4J | Tensorflow
  3. Our frontend is in Flutter.
  4. Add Rasa to the mix :)
  5. We keep adding more tools to the tech stack based on what helps the product in the long term.

Do share anything, eg. GitHub profile, or your website, or your resume or links to the apps you have published that depicts your passion for coding and building robust products.

Additionally, please add a small snippet on why you are excited to join Zealth.

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