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Founding Ai Research Engineer


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2 months ago

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Full time



As Founding AI Research Engineer you will be working with a high performance team that was formerly part of Google, Amazon, and DeepMind on a mission to 10x the productivity and satisfaction of software engineers using AI.

You will have the opportunity to train specialized LLMs tailored for our unique platform for generating & understanding code changes. In addition to keeping abreast of research developments, new models, and techniques, you should be a software engineer in your own right and be comfortable moving models to production and doing prompt & DSL engineering where needed.

You should also relish the challenge of finding PMF on the ground floor of a YC and venture backed startup. Dog-fooding the product will become an essential component of the role and one that will help us achieve PMF faster.


  • Extremely effective, self-driven builder
  • 1+ years of experience working with LLMs
  • 4+ years of experience building AI/ML models and putting them in production, preferably using PyTorch
  • 1+ years of AWS experience
  • Strong product sense and customer centric mindset
  • Strong remote working communication skills
  • Live in the US or Canada and can meet in person once a quarter


  • High Performance Computing experience especially multi-node distributed training (e.g. familiarity with Slurm and/or EKS, Ray, MPI, & cluster management)
  • Comfortable with meta-programming (ASTs, macros, etc) or have a strong desire and ability to learn
  • Familiarity with Rust

What to expect & benefits

  • Incredibly talented technical team with passion for our space
  • Culture that values shipping, minimal process, technical excellence, and creativity
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Benefits
  • 401(k)

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