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Randamu is looking for a fully remote Solidity developer on a full-time, permanent basis. Salary is cash initially, though will be augmented with tokens upon launch.
You will be the go-to person for all of our code that lives on-chain. In the short term, this includes smart contracts for randomness retrieval, upload and verification. In the medium to long term, this will include development and deployment of a token to back the value in the drand and Randamu ecosystems, and contracts for managing the lifecycle of interaction with an off-chain decryption committee for key-management and encrypted messaging.
Being a small company, you'll be expected to be comfortable designing and architecting solutions, presenting them to the rest of the team, reading and writing specifications for public consumption, and working at other layers of the stack when all hands are on deck.
Must have skills:
- strong background in Solidity - gas optimisation, bytecode twiddling, and security are key
- web3.js or ethers.js
- Foundry or Hardhat
- Solid knowledge of cryptographic primitives and protocols
- Experience with 1 or more EVM blockchains
Desirable skills:
- Strong background in a backend language (rust or go would be ideal)
- Some frontend experience (React and Typescript predominantly, but we're open to more exotic things)
- Threshold cryptography
- Experience developing and deploying SNARKs on-chain
- unlimited paid time off
- annual conference budget
- $3000 hardware allowance
- (optional) quarterly coworking in a new city

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