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This role is a unique opportunity to be part of the core founding team of 22222 Labs as the Chief UI/UX of everything design and creative related.

Our goal is to ideate, design, build and launch a range of ideas to market, mainly D2C web/mobile products.

Working on the 90/10 rule, we should expect 9 out of our 10 product ideas to fail and 1 to succeed. 

If we beat the odds, then kudos  to us.

As a team we will ideate, build, launch, test, evaluate (with real metrics not vanity ones) and double down on the ideas that the market validates. Our goal will be to reach product marker fit or fail as fast as possible.

We will call upon our collective experience, knowledge and pain points - combine it with trends and data across markets like healthcare, AI, eCommerce, social and B2B/SaaS to deliver exceptional user experiences.

As the founder Chief Designer you’ll take the sole lead and be fully responsible for:-

  • Defining and planning each product design

  • Building wireframes, prototypes and UI/UX design layouts (mainly mobile first both web and eventually native)

  • Generate brands, assets and the media we need to get initial traction for each product

  • Help get us BVP (beautiful viable products) to market in record time

  • Be part of a fast feedback loop to iterate fast on UX to maximise our chances of success

  • Lead all design aspects of the products we bring to market

  • When the time comes help grow the design team

Are we the right fit? 😎

Life is short, we believe in working with people you enjoy spending time with, respect and share in common values . As it's a two way street, here are some key points to ensure we are a great fit.

We’ll enjoy working together if :-

  • You are comfortable in fast moving startup hectic environments

  • You’ve been involved in startup(s) (0-1 not 1-x) before

  • You’ve f**ked up and learnt from your mistakes

  • You're obsessive about user experience

  • You had life struggles and overcame them

  • You're keen on exploring new tools to speed up the design process 

  • You’re into well designed functional products with obsessive attention to detail

  • You’re solution focused

  • You want to be proud of the work you do

  • You have a history of never giving up 

  • You have a keen interest in both software and design 

  • You have a growth mindset

  • You are loyal

  • You want to win

  • You value company equity and upside in what you help create and build

  • You want to define new design styles that others will copy

It’s NOT going to work If 🤬:-

  • You've only worked for larger companies with no interest in startups from 1-x (not 0-1)

  • You like the rat race and corporate environments

  • Certainty (spoiler alert, it doesn’t exist)

  • You’re looking for a structured and rigid working environment

  • You like endless meetings where nothing is achieved

  • You believe a large team is required to design products

  • You don’t like change or don’t adapt quickly

  • You don’t like solving big challenges (lazy is ok as long as it achieves same result) 

  • You give up easily

  • You want to design sh**ty MVP’s

  • You are problem not solution focused

  • You haven’t worked in a hectic environment

  • You think tech companies should be unprofitable or you don't care

  • You're looking for high pay with no valuable equity

Finally, the end. You made it.

If this sounds like the ride you want to join, send us something you are proud to have worked on to break the ice at [email protected]

We have exciting ideas ready and waiting for you bring to life, let's go 🚀

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