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Company Overview: We are a cutting-edge blockchain technology company, pioneering innovative solutions across various aspects of decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain infrastructures. Our focus extends to developing advanced features like intent handling, solver algorithms, cross-chain communication, and efficient mempool management.

As Legal Counsel at Composable Finance, you'll be at the forefront of navigating the legal landscape of blockchain and DeFi, ensuring that our innovative cross-blockchain infrastructure and technologies comply with current regulations while supporting our mission of enhancing the DeFi ecosystem. This role is for a visionary who is not only adept in law but is passionate about the transformative potential of blockchain technology.

Key Responsibilities:Business Development (BD) and Investor Relations

  • Draft and Review Agreements: Negotiate, draft, and review agreements with business partners, vendors, and investors to support Composable’s growth. Ensure these agreements align with our strategic goals and comply with blockchain-specific legal frameworks.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Provide ongoing advice on compliance with global regulations affecting partnerships and investor relations. Stay ahead of regulatory changes impacting blockchain and DeFi sectors to guide strategic decision-making.

  • Risk Management: Identify and mitigate legal risks related to business development strategies and investor relations, ensuring that Composable’s activities are protected against legal and regulatory vulnerabilities.


  • Compliance of Marketing Materials: Review and approve all marketing materials, including digital content, promotional materials, and public announcements. Ensure that they comply with industry standards, regulatory requirements, and Composable's internal policies.

  • Brand and Employer Branding Initiatives: Advise on legal considerations for branding and employer branding initiatives, ensuring they are designed and executed in compliance with legal standards and enhance Composable’s reputation in the market.

Product Development

  • Innovation Consultation: Work closely with the product team to understand the legal implications of new products, features, and technologies. Offer proactive legal advice on product development to ensure alignment with regulatory requirements and intellectual property laws.

  • Contractual Support: Assist in drafting and reviewing contracts related to product development, including licensing agreements, terms of service, and third-party vendor contracts, ensuring they support Composable’s product roadmap and compliance posture.

Technology and Technical Infrastructure

  • Guidance on Blockchain Technology: Provide in-depth legal guidance on blockchain technology, focusing on the specificities of cross-blockchain interactions, the IBC protocol, the Composable Virtual Machine (CVM), and MANTIS. Ensure tech initiatives are legally sound and strategically aligned with our mission.

  • IP Strategy: Lead the development and implementation of intellectual property strategies to protect Composable’s technological innovations. Oversee patent, trademark, and copyright matters to safeguard our assets and foster a culture of innovation.

Human Resources (HR)

  • Employment Agreements and Policies: Draft, review, and advise on employment agreements, including executive contracts and confidentiality agreements. Develop and refine HR policies and procedures to ensure compliance with employment laws and support Composable’s organizational culture.

  • Training and Compliance: Provide training to HR and management on legal requirements affecting employment, including anti-discrimination laws, privacy regulations, and global employment standards, ensuring a compliant and inclusive workplace.

Cross-Departmental Responsibilities

  • Tokenization Projects: Advise on legal aspects of tokenization efforts, ensuring compliance with securities laws and regulations concerning digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

  • Policy Development: Lead the creation and revision of company policies, particularly those connecting Composable to the external world, including data protection, privacy policies, and external communication guidelines.

A Juris Doctor (JD) or equivalent, authorized to practice in relevant jurisdictions

A visionary with 3-5 years of legal experience, ideally immersed in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, or DeFi realms.

An innovator with a deep appreciation for blockchain technology, smart contracts, and the unique legal landscapes of the DeFi space

An articulate communicator capable of demystifying complex legal and technical concepts for diverse audiences.

A strategic thinker, equipped with sharp analytical skills and a meticulous eye for detail, ready to tackle the challenges of a rapidly evolving industry.

Join Our JourneyAt Composable Finance, you're not just joining a team; you're becoming a foundational pillar in a movement set to redefine the world of decentralized finance. This is a rare opportunity to shape the legal landscape of an innovative blockchain enterprise from the ground up, offering unparalleled career growth and the chance to make a significant impact in the DeFi space.

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$80,000 — $150,000/year

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