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The Woobles is a fun, quirky brand with a lean team. We’re looking for a Freelance Graphic Designer with proven experience defining fun, modern brands in a fast-paced, remote work environment.

About The Woobles

The Woobles exists to show people it's never too late to learn a new skill.  We teach complete beginners how to crochet by combining a physical kit with emerging ed-tech tools. 

Our work is meaningful. Many of our customers turn to The Woobles to spark joy in their and their loved ones’ lives. Since 2020, we’ve successfully helped 500,000+ people experience fiero - the feeling you get when you accomplish something you once thought was impossible.

We’re a healthy business. We have no investors and with that, comes freedom. Freedom to make choices that are best for our customers, employees, and business. 

We’re an unusually small team for our revenue, and we plan on keeping it that way. We're all about getting the job done with as little busy-work and meetings as possible. Our team is fully remote, spanning Wisconsin to China. So while we do a lot of our work asynchronously, we also know how to have a good time virtually anywhere ;)

We’re on a rocket ship. We’ve seen unbelievable growth in our 3 years in business. Every day is a busy day, and the fast pace excites us. We’ve got ambitious goals to 1) make better products that make a significant impact on how millions of people see themselves, and 2) build a lasting brand that people more than love – that they obsess over.

About you

You’re an all-around good human being. Life is short, and you want to be around people you like. You’re kind, honest, and trustworthy. You want to work every day with positive, direct people who make you and your day better. No big egos allowed.

You value autonomy. You do your best when you’re given lots of responsibility and independence. You thrive in ambiguity and enjoy making decisions. Lots of them. When you run into problems, you have the resourcefulness to solve it on your own, and the self-awareness to know when you need help. You’re comfortable working remotely.

You care deeply about doing great work. You’ll do whatever it takes to get things done. But you don’t just settle at that. You’re always looking for ways to break your own records the next time around. Your teammates know they can always count on you, just like you can count on them. 

You eat feedback for breakfast. You’re always looking for ways to improve (yourself, the process, the product, you name it), so you give and take feedback with equal grace.

You’ve got a sense of humor. Because have you seen what we make? You’re an emoji connoisseur and appreciate the art of well-timed GIFs. You want to work somewhere where a sentence like this is 100% relevant: “There’s 3 dinos on this one but I think it’s OK because one is riding a turtle.”

The role

You’ve got experience designing all types of stuff for fun, modern brands. You know how to create a cohesive brand across mediums – packaging, website assets, paid social, swag – you name it, you’ve designed it. Not only that, but your designs delight customers even at first glance.

You’re excited to contribute to the brand identity of a quickly growing, bootstrapped brand. The Woobles was co-founded by a former Google User Experience Designer, so everything about the customer experience is thoughtfully crafted – even down to the words we use. While good design is extremely valued here, our brand guidelines are very much a WIP that you’ll be helping to define.

You’re a doodler. Our characters are the core of our brand and they inevitably find themselves on almost all of our physical products. You might not be a professional illustrator, but you are mighty with a pen and paper.

You’re thoughtful and detail-oriented. You gather as much context as possible so you can propose creative, on-point design solutions. You think through every detail of the customer experience, down to the little touches like adding to the bottom of our kits “Warning: May result in getting hooked.” You make sure all assets are launched according to plan by following our ever-evolving guidelines and processes, and providing extremely detailed specs for manufacturing.

And fast. We’re one of today’s fastest growing e-commerce brands, and we’re keen to keep up the pace. We launch anywhere from 2-10 products a month. You understand that one day’s delay can cause much longer than one day’s delay in the overall launch process, given that we’re manufacturing a physical product with teammates all over the world. You turnaround revisions quickly without compromising quality. 


Submit your resume, portfolio, and the line "I'd love to be a Woobler" to [email protected] with the subject line: “APPLICATION: Freelance Graphic Designer”. And if you have any doodles, we’d love to see those too.

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