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Backend Software Engineer Who Wants To Dream Bigger


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We are Openline, the creators of CustomerOS, a revolutionary platform for reinventing business from the customer experience up. We’ve been ranked Europe's #1 early stage, B2B SaaS/Cloud company.

But we're not a company; we're a movement.

We believe that software is a reflection of culture. We're dedicated to crafting innovative tools that pave the way for a new culture of work—one that prioritizes respect, beauty, and humanity above all else. That’s what we want for our customers, and it starts with ourselves.

We’re committed to openness. Our Slack workspace is open to all: Join it here. Our API, our values and our employee playbook are all open and transparent. We protect our customers’ data and privacy, but apart from that, we don’t have time for secrets.

We're in search of individuals who are not afraid to challenge the status quo, who are ready to push boundaries, and who want to redefine what's possible in the world of software.

What about you? You are a high-performing back-end developer, who:

  • thrives on continuous learning and growth

  • can flex your direct work experience with at least two of our four main stack components: Go, Eventstore, GraphQL, and Neo4j

  • know from experience the difference between how event-driven distributed systems should work, and how they actually do work

  • can understand and express complex technical concepts in spoken and written English

  • appreciates and celebrates the varied perspectives of a diverse crew staffed from around the world

On our crew, every day, you will:

  • Integrate dozens of complex SaaS and enterprise software systems, for hundreds of clients, continuously syncing millions of records, with calm and poise.

  • Solve the hard challenges of event-driven architectures and graph databases, feeding into AI pipelines.

  • Devise clever, pragmatic optimizations behind the scenes of an elegant, open API.

  • Work hand-in-hand with a heroic crew of DevOps and front-end engineers to deliver customer value with the right mix of speed and thoughtfulness.

  • Work fully remotely, managing your time and effort responsibly and intelligently, to show up fully for the crew when you can, and rest and recharge fully when you can’t.

  • Ask for help when you need it, and give help to your crewmates when they need it.

  • Challenge bad ideas and decisions: Those of your peers, those of your leaders, and your own.

  • Own stock (vesting options) in your company.

On our crew, every day, you will NOT:

  • Sit in hour-long standups, or in irrelevant meetings that you can’t leave, and where you can’t turn your camera off.

  • Sit around waiting for work to be approved by committees who can’t make decisions.

  • Build features that inflate the ego of the UX designer, product manager, or CEO, but don’t add value to the customer.

  • Write more documentation than code.

  • Be micro-managed by middle-managers.

  • Restart your OS. Update and restart your OS. Troubleshoot, scream at, and reinstall your OS. (We run on Macs)

  • Apply textbook software development methodologies when they’re not needed.

If this sounds like the perfect mission for you, please apply. Let’s create beautiful things together!

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