Senior Full-Stack / Rails Engineer, Ai & Product Focused

Yuma Ai

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1 month ago

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Full time

About Yuma:

Yuma is building Autonomous AI Agents dedicated to customer support and e-commerce. We have a fairly advanced platform supporting more than a hundred paying customers. Our agents are powered by knowledge and processes. They take actions and fetch external information from internal apps as needed.

Our top merchants are automating up to 60% of their support tickets through Yuma.

Yuma was founded by Guillaume Luccisano, a 3rd time YC founder.

Role Overview

We are still a small team of 6 engineers, but we are moving quickly! Iteration speed is key. We have built a lot over the past year, but there is still so much to do! We do a mix of iterations, A/B testing, LLM research projects, new feature development, performance work, and more. We are heavily focused on delivering value to our users and are very product-focused. This is the only thing that matters.

Our backend is a standard Ruby on Rails API powered by PostgreSQL, Redis, and Sidekiq jobs. We already have a fair amount of load ingesting and processing millions of support tickets monthly.

About You:

You have led and built multiple large Rails applications, and you always strive for excellence. You are pragmatic, making the right trade-offs that favor speed of iteration while maintaining high product quality. You are driven by delivering the best experience and value to your users. You might have a preference for working on backend projects, but you aren't afraid of frontend work. Rails has no secrets for you.

Recent experience playing with LLMs is a huge plus, and pretty much getting mandatory in 2024 now :) Building with LLM and a non-deterministic output is a very different kind of engineering too!

If you are relentless and looking to join an early, hard-working team, we want you. We are seeking someone who is looking to embrace a new challenge and commit to it 100%.

Your diploma don't matter to us; we only care about your skills.


In-office in Boston


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