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Our goal is to activate our Twitter account, creating a vibrant community that engages electric vehicle (EV) drivers and enthusiasts. We strive to foster conversations around sustainable transportation, provide support and education on EV charging, and build a solid digital presence for our brand.

Why Invest in Organic Social:

Organic social media can lower Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), provide multiple brand touchpoints leading to higher conversion, target customers effectively, expand brand awareness quickly, and develop a brand voice. It's a long-term investment.

Four principles:

  1. All viral content fits into three categories: Entertaining, Educational, and Inspiring.
  2. Don't be afraid to reuse and recycle content.
  3. Leverage herd mentality: Create echo chambers with powerful content of other people talking about your product
  4. Optimize for consistency: The key to winning on social media is consistency and persistence.

Frequency of tweets:

  1. Daily: at least 4-5 Tweets.
  2. Daily: at least 2 responses (reply or share with your thoughts).
  3. Weekly: at least 1 in-depth thread related to EV charging or industry trends.
  4. As needed: responses to direct mentions, replies, and customer inquiries.

What will you learn?

  1. ndustry insights: Deepen your understanding of the EV sector and its dynamics.
  2. US EV culture: Gain insights into the unique trends, habits, and preferences of US-based EV drivers.
  3. Growth tactics: Learn and implement strategies for organic follower growth on Twitter.

Example accounts:

Netflix TOSV Chime Prime Video


  1. Regular Engagement: Daily tweets, responses to mentions, and active participation in relevant discussions.
  2. Learning Attitude: Be open to learning from industry experts and leveraging their knowledge to improve our Twitter presence.
  3. Review and Strategize: Quarterly analysis of our Twitter strategy's effectiveness, presenting insights and new
  4. Create Content Framework: Develop a framework for your content. This could involve listing 20 questions someone might have about your niche, your company/product/founder, and finding 20 memes that can be repurposed for your niche.
  5. Research and use popular and relevant hashtags in tweets to increase discoverability.

Compensation + Bonus Structure:

We will be paying monthly, depending on the number of tweets. Incentives play a crucial role in growth and performance. We believe in rewarding success and therefore have instituted the following bonus structure: For every 100 new followers, you will receive a $50 bonus. We will only check whether they are bots For every tweet that achieves over 500 organic retweets or likes, you will receive a $50 bonus. If we gain over 5000 new followers in a quarter, you will receive an additional $500 bonus

Other notes: Outbound Engagement: Reply to people that are relevant to your niche. Replies are a billboard for your profile. Rinse & Repeat: Growth on social media is a series of repetitive, unscalable tasks but has a highly compounding ROI.

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