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Senior Or Staff Software Engineer

Shortwave | Onsite In San Francisco

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$140k - $250k

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$16.5 billion

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I previously cofounded Firebase (YC S11) and sold it to Google, and most of our team is ex-Google / ex-Firebase.
Shortwave (https://www.shortwave.com/) is building a cybernetically enhanced email client. We're bringing the power of LLMs to your email to help you get things done. On top of this, we're bringing users a modern messaging UX and best-in-class productivity features. Email is an enormous market (4.5 BILLION users), and we're working to build the next unicorn productivity tool.
Imagine an AI virtual assistant with perfect knowledge of every message, attachment, receipt, newsletter, etc you've ever sent or received. Your AI assistant can answer questions about your email ("which candidates in my inbox have experience with Kotlin?") and act on your behalf ("Draft responses asking them to schedule a time with me").
We are building a world-class AI software team. We use a modern tech stack (Typescript, Kotlin, K8s, React, cutting-edge ML stack) and move ship 5x+ times per day.
We want the best and are willing to pay for it. We like generalists with strong CS fundamentals, app development experience, scrappiness, speed, and grit.

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