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About Delphia

Delphia is building a new kind of asset manager that rethinks the value of data and how it can be used to gain an edge in forecasting markets. We believe that actively managing people’s data can unlock new forms of wealth creation for individual and institutional investors alike.

To create the next Millennium (and eventually, Blackstone), you need each of the following;

  1. A captivating reason for people to connect their data (in beta)
  2. A way to automate data extraction from aggregators (acquired)
  3. A cooperative way to ensure "fair trade" compensation for data (built)
  4. A way to reward data contributors transparently and irreversibly (on pause)
  5. A way to discover new investment managers with uncorrelated alpha (built)
  6. A way to help investment managers make use of our data advantage (partnered)
  7. A way to benchmark performance and gain access to stock order flow (coming soon)
  8. Capacity rights in investment strategies whose returns improve with data (first of many), and
  9. A secure training environment for third-party ML models (the goal of our next venture round)

If our thesis bears out, the $7 billion alternative data industry ($135 billion by 2030) may be in for a Cambrian explosion that has yet to be priced in. Being able to acquire ground truth cost-effectively using first-party data, and thus being able to forecast fundamentals more accurately, is the key to attracting the world's best investment ideas to a platform.

People at Delphia are socially-minded creatives at heart. Our teams are continually researching, iterating, and solving hard problems in order to generate new forms of economic returns. Our multi-disciplinary team was founded in 2018 and is a graduate of Y Combinator and the Creative Destruction Lab. We’ve raised three rounds of funding (~$80 million) to date.

About the Backchannel team

Backchannel is the world's fastest moving expert network. Anyone looking for an information edge knows that sifting through social media is getting harder all the time. Backchannel increases the signal-to-noise ratio in your feed by verifying the credentials and expertise of those participating in the conversation so that you can spot the more informed opinions in the crowd.

By using state-of-the-art NLP and consumer data, Backchannel is able to deliver a new approach to media that rivals the best of X/Twitter, Blind, and WallStreetBets.

About the Role

The Sr. Software Dev: Data Engineer manages the continuous acquisition, storage, combination, querying, monitoring, and maintenance of several large datasets to support the development of Backchannel: the world’s fastest moving expert network. You’ll be joining a lean team of mostly developers and work to develop systems that best enable their own goals.

We need organized, creative thinkers who take performance, quality, and user needs seriously. We measure success on outcomes, not effort, and you’ll share responsibility for deciding what your objectives are, and then pursuing them with fervor. In fact, you’ll be expected to quickly take ownership of what you work on and to apply your understanding of our business strategy to define and prioritize your own objectives.

Our opportunity lies in properly leveraging voluntarily contributed personal data, so we have to be exceptionally careful, with scrupulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the compliance and security responsibilities we are taking on. Delphia wants to lead the industry in data privacy and security; we’re looking for people that align with that mindset.

In your first month, you will:

  • Organize and start managing datasets on our GCP environment
  • Use SQL, Python, and dbt to enable processing and analyzing our datasets at scale
  • Develop new features in our data acquisition and warehousing platform to help bolster adoption of our user-facing product

In your first three months, you will:

  • Fully own a data pipeline that orchestrates containerized code to process, store, and monitor incoming data
  • Collaborate with other teams to solve complex data management issues, such as security of and access to PII data
  • Use our values and principles to make decisions and give feedback

In your first year, you will:

  • Have grown your knowledge and skill set significantly
  • Be able to onboard and mentor new hires with ease
  • Be able to chart a roadmap for your team that aligns to company objectives


  • Ownership of our data warehouse
  • Working with our data acquisition developers to best organize what they bring in
  • Delivering pipelines and sometimes dashboards as required by other teams
  • Researching, selecting, and integrating new data management processes and products
  • Working with company leadership to establish data governance principles
  • Championing data engineering best practices across the company

Must-Have Qualifications:

  • Python
  • dbt
  • Airflow
  • Experience with one major cloud provider (GCP / AWS / Azure)
  • Docker

Nice-to-Have Qualifications:

  • Astronomer for managed Airflow
  • BigQuery, Cloud Storage, Datastream
  • Terraform for infrastructure-as-code
  • Familiarity with vector databases for NLP applications
  • Poetry for Python project management

Unicorn Qualifications:

  • You are experienced at developing and maintaining a GCP data warehouse using dbt for pipeline definition and Airflow for orchestration.
  • You can build custom Buildkite pipelines, for instance to deploy a documentation internal website upon merging to a repo’s main branch.
  • You understand Terraform well enough to develop new modules that offer proper abstraction for reusable components across different development projects.
  • You’re always on top of data engineering news and make a habit of bringing new tech at opportune times.

Benefits and Perks at Delphia

Health & Wellness

  • Comprehensive health, dental, and vision benefits, including HSA & FSA
  • Gym allowance

Team Connectedness

  • Quarterly retreats at different locations around the world


  • Work-from-anywhere policy and flexible working hours
  • Generous time-off policy
  • Winter holiday break (paid in full)

Money Matters

  • Employee Stock Options

Other Perks

  • Delphia swag
  • Birthday & Anniversary gifts

Equal Opportunity Employer

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate by race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. Delphia is committed to working with applicants requesting accommodations.

Leadership Principles

As a team, our work is informed by our 7 Leadership Principles:

  1. Owners place bets: by directing our future, you will direct your own
  2. Maximal reciprocity: give more than you take; the problem is bigger than the sum of us
  3. Deliver often: consistency and cadence will compound over time
  4. Reason from first principles: the greatest impact starts by solving problems at the root
  5. Speak truth to power: there is no diversity of thought without the courage to speak
  6. Do no harm: a never-ending goal we should always be striving for
  7. Mission over culture (over strategy): audacious goals require heterogeneous teams

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