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About Daybreak

Daybreak Health (www.daybreakhealth.com) is building the leading digital mental health system for youth. Our mission is to build a world where every young person benefits from mental health support.

Our mental health system will remove all barriers to effective care for young people. Today we create easy access through our school partners, deliver effective care through evidence-based online therapy that is integrated with technology, and bring consumer cost to zero through our funding partnerships with government agencies and health insurance. Over the next 5 years we plan to serve more than 25 million youth who need mental health support.

The Team

As a team, we are all aligned with our mission. We collaborate and execute incredibly well by doing more with less (we value efficiency and output over hours worked!). We communicate clearly using writing (vs. unnecessary meetings), but know when to eject from slack and hop on a zoom. We are fully remote with team members across the country, and will stay that way. We value mental health: the willingness to be vulnerable is a requirement to join Daybreak (for example by communicating when we make mistakes). We have regular mental health days (at least once per quarter!). Last but not least, we value fun and hold virtual and in-person activities.

The Business

We’re a YC-backed company that raised its Seed from Maven Ventures, our A from Lightspeed, and our B from Union Square Ventures. We’re a rocket ship and are hiring for critical roles now to expand nationally and build a business that helps tens of thousands of young people benefit from mental health support.

The Job

You’ll be our second Frontend Engineer and report to Kevin Kuchta. Your work will focus on our React frontend codebase.

Your onboarding will consist of hammering through a series of P2 and P3 bugs to familiarize yourself with the code, then you’ll move on to enhancing our existing React app with some new design elements. You’ll conclude your onboarding with a short tour of duty on our “Tech Concierge” bug rotation; don’t worry, there’s no pager involved.

After you’ve onboarded you’ll work with Kevin and the broader team over the following months to:

  • Support our Family Therapy program with a handful of new metrics
  • Work with our designer to implement the new design system
  • Help build out our first-appointment scheduling UX
  • Drive a major element of our i18N strategy

As the months go on, you’ll become the Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the Web Frontend. You’ll draft Technical Proposals in response to Product Requirement Documents (PRDs) and occasionally do some Jr. level work on the backend (Ruby on Rails).

You are expected to have opinions on js-in-css, frontend testing strategies, and state management patterns. You are not expected to be either a rails wiz or a designer.

Lastly, you will help Engineering as a whole to deliver on our Technical Vision 2022-09-17 which, if lived up to, we believe will provide the opportunity for the business to succeed.

We generally believe this job is doable by someone with five to seven years of industry experience composed of at least two recent years of React experience.

Growth Opportunities

This role can grow to own our web frontend and technical decisions around it, from minor formatting choices to "should we switch to Bun or abandon Typescript?"

Alternately, you can grow in this role to become a fullstack developer by working closely with our backend engineers and eventually become a "t-shaped engineer" with broad experience from CSS to dev ops.


  • Base Salary: 150,000-180,000
  • Equity: 0.06% to 0.12%
  • Vacation: 3 weeks minimum, unlimited policy.

Tech Stack

  • React v17.0.2 (Web Frontend), TypeScript
    • TanstackQuery, Storybook + Chromatic, Formik, Axios, Jest
  • Ruby on Rails v6.0.3 (Rails Backend), PostgreSQL, Redis, RSpec
  • Salesforce

The Engineering Org

We allocate time for tech debt. We run a Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) that allows us to set our own deadlines for projects. We measure our productivity in both tickets punched and business value delivered. We're constantly looking for ways to buy solutions to our problems rather than build them. We understand that Software Engineering isn't just programming, it's programming across time. We believe that it is worse to build the wrong thing than to build nothing at all. We are proactive instead of reactive.

We know where we're going, and we believe that through good faith debate we can get there. Check out our Technical Vision here for more: Technical Vision 2022-09-17

As a member of the Engineering Team you can expect:

  • To spend less than five hours in meetings most weeks.
  • To be given projects fit for your level of experience in addition to normal plumbing.
  • To engage in good faith debate centered on how to build the tech required to achieve our mission.
  • To be invited into the business side of things and help identify and solve problem(s) across the org through both systems thinking AND software.

A Typical Day @ Daybreak Engineering

  1. Start your day at whatever hour works best for you
  2. Submit your Geekbot standup update by 10:15am PST
  3. Do your work
  4. End your day whenever you feel is appropriate (guidance available if that helps you)

The Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) @ Daybreak

  1. Product draws up a Product Requirements Doc (PRD) by working with Clinical, CS/Ops or Growth to identify areas of improvement for the business.
  2. Eng weighs in on the PRD giving it a T-Shirt Size (Eg. Minutes to Hours, Hours to Days, Days to Weeks, Weeks to Months, I don't know)
  3. Product decides whether the PRD is worth further evaluation based on Eng's T-Shirt Size
  4. Eng dives into the PRD and draws up a Technical Proposal that explains, at key:value and class name granularity, how this thing will be built.
  5. Eng reviews the technical proposal internally to ensure it's something we'd be proud to build and not a steaming pile of tech debt.
  6. Eng creates actionable tickets with tripartite estimates for all proposed work. Tickets are then collected into groups that each form a distinct, standalone, piece of business value.
  7. Eng presents the groups & estimates to Product for final scoping.
  8. Product descopes groups of work to meet timelines then green lights a specific body of work
  9. Eng signs off on the build as described and gets coding

Hiring Process

Daybreak's hiring process aims to be doable in about six hours end to end spread across a calendar week.

  1. 45 minute screener call with either Kevin or the CTO
  2. Code Challenge - 2 hours and 5 minutes
    1. The Code Challenge is done in a single sitting in your web browser via Qualified.io. It is timed, but you won't be working in front of people. We're trying to see how you program, not how you deal with social pressure.
  3. Technical Proposal Drafting Challenge - 2 hour
    1. We're a document heavy company. You will be writing a lot and so we need to understand how you approach writing about technical topics.
  4. Video Interview (Final) - 3.5 hours
    1. At this point we trust that you could do the work, we just need to get to know you a bit better and see if you can bring something unique to the team. The interview itself will be a mix of the team you’ll be joining and the CTO.

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