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Who We Are

Duffl empowers students to run 7-figure businesses whilst pursuing their degree. We use data to wholesale high demand/high margin products and deliver them directly to our customers in 10 minutes using electric scooters and a 100% student workforce.

We are currently live at: UCLA, USC, UCSB, UC Berkeley, UofA, ASU, TSU and UT Austin. We’ve raised a $13M Series A, backed by YC, Volition Capital and the founders of Chewy, Rent the Runway & Thrive Market. Come join us on a journey of empowering students to better serve each other!

About the Role

As a Full Stack Engineer reporting to the CEO you will be responsible for Duffl’s product end-to-end, working alongside the CEO to plan and execute our product roadmap. Your role involves working alongside a Designer and another Full-Stack Engineer to execute on everything from coding, database design, product prioritization, cycle planning, design brainstorms, and customer interviews.

You will be responsible for optimizing both the customer and employee experience from a technology perspective. The ideal candidate is someone who is well-versed in data and can create a data-driven culture through the company. We are looking for a rising star who isn't afraid to exceed expectations and is passionate about our mission to empower students to better serve each other!


  1. 5+ years of programming experience.
  2. 3+ years of Javascript / React Experience
  3. 3+ years of React Native Experience
  4. 3+ years of Django / Python Experience
  5. 3+ years of AWS / DevOps Experience


  1. Execute Product Roadmap
    1. Increase Story Points per cycle by 2X
    2. Increase Cycle Completion Rate to 90%+
  2. Improve Backend Systems
    1. Diagnose and fix data integrity issues & bugs
    2. Build data pipelines and tools based on team workflows
  3. Maintain Infrastructural Integrity
    1. Unit Test Coverage > 80%
    2. Bug Rate < 10%

Culture Fit

  1. Just Deliver
    1. Thinks about the end-user experience in every phase of development, from design to implementation to testing.
    2. Considers the needs of the client and stakeholders at every stage of the project.
    3. Makes effective tradeoffs between speed, quality, and functionality, always prioritizing the best possible user experience.
  2. Keep it Simple
    1. Understands that well-defined metrics lead to effective management and uses this principle in their code, comments, and documentation.
    2. Can break down complex technical tasks into simple, understandable components, making the work accessible to non-technical team members.
    3. Thinks in a structured, logical manner: their code is clean and modular, their problem-solving approach is systematic, and their explanations are coherent.
  3. Write on the Bag
    1. Excellent collaborator, able to build trust and influence across various teams.
    2. Has a knack for attracting other top engineering talent to the team through their passion and dedication to excellence.
    3. Cares about professional development and actively contributes to the growth and improvement of team members' skills and capabilities.
  4. Be a Student
    1. A great listener who seeks to understand the needs and constraints of a project before suggesting solutions.
    2. Shows a deep curiosity about the ever-evolving tech landscape and the specifics of the company's market.
    3. Has the ability and eagerness to quickly learn new technologies and programming languages

Nice to Haves

  1. Experience with our data tools (Posthog & Metabase)
  2. Experience with e-commerce, supply chain, logistics or on-demand delivery businesses.
  3. Excited about working with young, ambitious college students.
  4. Passionate about AI & Game Design.
  5. Previous experience at an early stage startup!

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