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*Old problem, new $25B+ market*
Companies like AWS, Stripe, and Twilio have shown that if a technology isn't core to your value proposition, you should offload it. Still, every engineering team builds and rebuilds one piece: authorization, how you control who has access to what in your app. We intend to change that.
We see a world where developers never roll their own authorization again, and instead say, "Just use Oso" – the same way you might say, "Oh, you should just use Postgres for that." In doing so, we're creating the $25B+ authorization market.
*Why Oso?*
We have the lead – in traction, capital, and team.
- Traction: Oso is used by thousands of companies from startups to the Fortune 500, like Wayfair, Arc, Intercom, Visa, Oxide, and Codecademy.
- Capital: We're the best-capitalized, with 4+ years of runway from the world’s best investors, including Sequoia, Felicis, and infrastructure entrepreneurs like Olivier Pomel (Founder, Datadog), Dev Ittycheria (CEO, MongoDB), Arman Dadgar (Founder, Hashicorp), Edith Harbaugh (Founder, LaunchDarkly), Guy Podjarny (Founder, Snyk), Paul Copplestone, (Founder, Supabase), Christina Cacioppo (Founder, Vanta), and Calvin French-Owen (Founder, Segment).
- Team: We've spent 3+ years going deep on the domain. We've met with thousands of engineering teams and know more about this problem than anyone. And we have two of the best developer go-to-market leaders on earth who have done it before at MongoDB at Snyk.
*Why now?*
We're at an inflection point. What it takes to get from where we are today to a world where developers say “Just use Oso” is going to be different. And we see that. The opportunity is for you to join at this inflection point, in a role that’s bigger and different than usual.
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