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Please watch this short 2-3 minute YouTube video about this role: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFrf1foiBeQ

💰 Pay range: $50k to $80k per year

Quick Intro

Are you a high-energy ‘people-person’ who’s passionate about building and maintaining relationships with some of the most successful pet companies in the world? This could very well be the role for you.

We’re Pangolia—one of the fastest-growing pet companies in the world, and we operate a couple of pet magazine sites (Petkeen.com, ItsaFishthing.com, and more). Last year, we also acquired Hepper, an e-commerce store where we make and sell our own modern cat furniture.

A lot of exciting pet brands are reaching out to work with us now that our websites have more than 9 million visitors every month. Therefore, we’re looking for a talented person to help with partnerships.

This is an exciting role with lots of room for growth and advancement. You’ll get to work alongside a talented team, and be part of a company that’s growing very fast.

The Role

As Manager of Affiliate Partnerships, your core responsibility will be to maintain and grow healthy relationships with our existing partners such as Chewy and Nom Nom. But it will also be to form and grow new partnerships with exciting pet companies. This consists of talking with them, negotiating, and creating mutually-beneficial relationships.

This means you will spend the majority of your time on Zoom calls, writing emails, and being on the phone with our partners.

As of right now, around 80% of the partnerships that we form are coming from companies that reach out and want to work with us. The remaining 20% of partnerships are initiated on our side.

This is NOT a cold calling position; however, it is expected that you can occasionally cold-call a company if you see a great partnership opportunity.

(For context: here’s an example of a post where we reviewed dog harnesses. You can see that we refer our audience to our partners: Chewy and Amazon) https://www.hepper.com/best-puppy-harnesses/

  • This is a growth position. We expect you to grow with the role as your skillset advances. This also means that we expect there to be big room for advancement, and working your way up in the company (which would also result in higher pay and bonuses).

  • In the future, we also hope to have you run your own department, where you get the freedom to hire a team, manage, lead and delegate to others.

  • The time split between reaching out to new partners vs nurturing existing partnerships may change over time (position is still being defined).

  • We will also be launching our Hepper affiliate program soon. Here you will take charge of finding partners (news sites and pet publishers) that will promote and talk about our Hepper cat furniture products.

A lot of our partners are in US time zones, so you must be able to accommodate their time zones.

In this role you will work directly with the CEO, Simon, who is known for creating a great work environment of trust and empowerment where there’s no micromanaging.

This is a new role, and therefore, isn’t fully defined yet. In the first month or so, Simon (Pangolia’s CEO) will train you with hands-on partnership calls, and show you how he has done things up till now.

At some point, you’ll be given full ownership of the role. We want you to be excited about forming valuable partnerships, and we expect that you will take the initiative to discover new ways of doing things. Experimenting and constantly improving the way things are done. Basically, you’re in charge. And Simon believes that you will be much better in the role than he will after a couple of months.

In order to apply, you must upload a 1-5 minute unlisted YouTube video as part of your application. It can just be a video where you talk about yourself, and what you think about the role.

Who We’re Looking For

You should have the following experience:

  • A great salesperson: good at negotiation and communication

  • Love being on camera and Zoom meetings

  • Able to cold-call if needed (every now and then)

  • Great understanding of digital marketing

The kind of person we’re looking for is also:

  • A critical thinker and a great strategizer that takes initiative, instead of being told what to do

  • Detail-oriented and highly organized

  • Quick learner who can figure things out without supervision

  • Fairly tech-savvy (can quickly learn new online tools, good with Excel)

  • Fluent (or almost) in oral and written English

  • Wants to work remotely with flexible work hours

  • Just as comfortable sharing critical feedback as you are at receiving it

  • Willing to work some weekends if that’s what it takes to make Pangolia big

  • Experience growing an affiliate program would be a plus (but we know that this profession is quite rare)

  • Talented at collaborating with others

You will be responsible for:
  • Maintaining and growing our existing relationships with our partners (monthly email follow-ups, and quarterly Zoom meetings. Lots of negotiating)
  • Discovering new partners we should work with
  • Analyze our performance to uncover new opportunities for promoting our partners on our websites. (Did things go as expected? What went well? What didn’t go well? What are the things that we should be doing, but that we aren’t?)
  • Work with our team to improve the ways that we promote our partners on our websites
  • Growing the Hepper cat furniture affiliate program from nothing to big (in the future)

A typical workday (example)
  • 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM: One-on-one meeting with CEO (we do a weekly one-on-one to talk about if you are hitting your goals, what went well, what didn’t go well, etc.)

  • 8:45 AM - Noon (midday): Zoom meetings, emails, and phone calls with our partners (discussing how things are going, and potentially negotiating better conditions for us)

  • 1 PM - 3:00 PM: Reaching out to pet companies that we should be working with, but that we aren’t working with yet (uncovering missed opportunities)

  • 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM:  Meeting with our director of content to talk about how we can better promote Nom Nom Dog food on our site

It is also expected that the role will change over time. For example, there might be a lot more focus on finding partners to join Hepper’s own cat affiliate program in the future, etc.

You will set up systems, documentation, SOPs, and figure out the best ways to shine in this position.

The team (and our work culture)

You’ll get to be part of a 100% remote company consisting of a diverse group of 95 talented individuals from all over the world. The people you will find on the team are veterinarians, marketers, content writers, editors, social media managers, graphics designers, content managers, and a lot more.

And you’ll get to join us on our united mission of improving the lives of pets and those who care for them. We dream big, and our vision is to become the biggest, most helpful pet company in the world.

You’ll get to be part of a company that’s undergoing hyper-growth, and the fast-paced work environment that comes with it. 

And we’ve managed to grow at a healthy pace without ever sacrificing on our culture and values.

Our company culture is focused on work and collaboration, but also while being open to the casual humor and chatter that makes us get to know each other.

We work hard, and you may have to work on the weekend every now and then if you have a lot on your plate. However, we have a huge understanding of the importance of time off, and we encourage each other to take time off

A lot of us love travelling, and therefore, we plan on doing yearly company retreats, where we all meet up together and have fun.

We value the freedom of being able to work from anywhere, trust, and collaboration.

  • Flexible work hours
  • Improve and learn skill sets that are very attractive in 2022
  • Opportunity to move up in the company, and earn higher pay and bonuses
  • Work from anywhere (we’re 100% remote)
  • A great, talented team
  • A high-growth work environment (we move fast)
  • Working directly with a CEO who’s known for empowering the team, and NOT micromanaging.
  • Company retreats (once everything goes back to normal)
  • 21 days of paid time off every year
Even if you don’t have all the experience, but think you would be amazing in this role, please apply.

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