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We are Arda, a risk management platform for web3.

We are building a set of tools for web2 and web3 institutions to safely access web3, monitor the risks, and automate recovery.

We are backed by world-class investors including Y Combinator, Tribe Capital, PayPal, Picus Capital & Hashed. Pranay (CEO) and Ram (CTO) are the founders. We have combined experience of 20+ years of building fintech, crypto, and tech products for businesses & customers across the world at companies such as Cloud Kitchens, PayPal, TransferWise, and Amazon, among others.

We are looking for security researchers who will help shape the tech, product, and culture of the company. We are a pre-product-market fit company, so expect things to move fast (not a cliche) and change directions as we twist and turn to get to P-M fit.

What to expect

You can expect to do some or all of the following:

  1. Read through protocols’ whitepapers and smart contracts to analyze risks
  2. Perform extensive vulnerability research on the different smart contracts, wallets, and dApps
  3. Define metrics for monitoring the risks and build security threat models
  4. Define attack vectors (both on the web2 and web3 sides) and write clear specs for our engineers and data scientists to automate the monitoring
  5. Dig deeper into the past attacks and write detailed reports along with the heuristics

Our values

  1. Fully remote
  2. Documentation and transparency: Since we are fully async, we document everything (customer calls, partnership arrangements, design, tasks) and we expect you to do the same. We believe it's the only way to grow.
  3. Continuous 360 feedback: Everyone is expected to share constructive critical feedback with everyone else, including the founders.
  4. Product-minded: Everyone shares product ownership, so we expect everyone to do customer outreach, support, and talk to customers for feedback and new features.
  5. Doers over talkers: We spend time figuring out the right direction to take and then execute intensely. No one is too “senior” to do a job - the CTO will code every day, the CEO will sell every day and everyone takes care of customer support on a schedule. We understand the difference between real work and pretense.
  6. Humanity over everything else: We sell the product to businesses, but in reality, we sell it to real humans on the other side. Our end customers are consumers using the product integrated with our APIs, so we are building the world’s most human-centric company (no pun intended). Kindness is expected and empathy is the core value we’re looking for

About you

  1. You have solid experience in cyber security
  2. (Bonus) You have a data science or cryptography background, preferably a master's or a doctorate
  3. (Bonus) You have done web3 security risk analysis/smart contract audits

Pay and benefits We offer a solid, competitive package (including early-stage equity) that is location agnostic. We give you the flexibility to choose the split between cash and equity.

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