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What are we all about?

We are a team of world class builders and researchers with expertise across several domains: Ethereum Protocol Engineering, Layer-2, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Miner Extractable Value (MEV), Smart Contract Development, Security Auditing and Formal Verification.

Working to solve some of the most challenging problems in the blockchain space, we frequently collaborate with renowned companies, such as Ethereum Foundation, StarkWare, Gnosis Chain, Aave, Flashbots, xDai, Open Zeppelin, Forta Protocol, Energy Web, POA Network and many more.

We actively contribute to Ethereum core development, EIP's and network upgrades together with the Ethereum Foundation, and other client teams.

Today, there are nearly 200 of us working remotely from over 45+ countries.

You can view all our open positions here: https://jobs.nethermind.io/

Are you the one?

An ideal candidate is a researcher who actively participates in debates about L1 and L2 designs, systemic risks, and consensus algorithms by writing academic papers, blog-posts, or fora entries.

Candidates should be able to work in a distributed research team, express their research ideas clearly, and know how to argue their findings formally. We appreciate candidates who are not afraid of voicing their opinions and motivate them or ask for explanations of concepts they are not familiar with.


As a protocol researcher, you will participate in research on, for example:

  • L2 designs

  • Prover coordination and sequencer design, decentralization, incentivization.

  • Levels of finality.

  • L2 governance, PoS vs PoG.

  • Auctioning the right to build a block.

  • Various flavors of staking: vanilla staking, restaking, liquid staking, and systemic risks they come with.

  • Consensus algorithms

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the known consensus protocols? When a given protocol work well, and when does it not?

  • How do we incentivize participants in the consensus algorithms?

  • How finality in consensus algorithms is achieved?


  • A strong understanding of distributed protocol design. Particularly, a demonstrable ability to identify the trade-offs faced by protocols when deployed on blockchains.

  • Ability to identify mechanism design problems and propose solutions.

  • Familiarity with Ethereum: how it works and why?

  • Familiarity with various designs of L2s.

  • Ability to express thoughts precisely.

Nice to have:

  • Knowledge about cryptography, or

  • Knowledge about game theory.

  • Published work in relevant fields, blog posts and forum posts also count.

Perks and benefits:

  • Fully remote

  • Flexible working hours

  • Plus equity

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