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Hello :)

I’m Richard from ANNECTO (our url is www.annecto.com)

The project

— Web design for the first iteration of a website.

— This iteration is fairly minimal. You’ll see the pages and elements in a figma file linked to below. The site should serve as a good base to expand from: we’ll later add a blog, resources, other pages, etc, etc. But for this project it’s just what you see in the figma prototype.

— In case I need to make any changes to the specification (e.g. content changes in the figma prototype): I understand that you might need to adjust your pricing.

Our company and our audience

– B2B. We provide technology products to the Telecoms industry. You can consider Vodafone as a typical target customer. Our website needs to appeal to people both on the Business side in the target company, and people on the Technical side.

Look and feel

– This is a clichéd word to use, but ‘professional’ – it’s B2B. BUT we do want something uniquely ‘us’ – ‘uniquely ANNECTO’. You’ll have some thoughts on how to achieve this; but here are some points about that: we don’t have time to do a custom video underlay for above the fold. There might be limited scope to do illustration. Also take a look at the ANNECTO logo – maybe, for example the ‘A’ shape of the logo can lend itself to inspire the design, and help produce an ‘ANNECTO look’. Any other ways of achieving something that feels ‘uniquely ANNECTO’.

– Clean, clear, very neat typography, careful, aesthetic consideration of lines, shapes, arrangement of elements.

Assets available from us

— A figma file showing content and elements to be included on each page.

— Our logo in vector format (or another format if you want). Hex value of colour we use for the logo and hex value of secondary colour we use (though you don’t need to stick with the secondary colour). Name of font family we use for many things (though this font may not be the best option for the website – that font can change).

— There is NOT a full brand guidelines document. Sorry, we don’t have time to do it at the moment — we just need to get a website done in time for an upcoming event.

— Diagrams that we use to illustrate our products (there are 4 diagrams, one for each of 4 products). I’ll give you these in vector format (.ai or .svg). You can change the colours and other things if you want, if it works better within your design.

— Custom icons we use for our products (in vector format). However, these are not great icons. You can do different ones if you like.

Here’s the figma to show you the content


What we need

– Design files of the pages shown in the figma prototype. So these include:

—-– Homepage

—-– Product page (each can use the same design; but the A-SHIELD product page has a slightly different need, repeating the layout in its first section instead of having list items.)

—-– Contact page

– Design files to cover the different screen sizes. (We don’t want the developer to be left making design decisions.)

– All other elements that will not leave the web developer making design decisions. For example, button states, behaviour of the burger menu.

– Stock images tend to look like stock images, so I don’t want to fill the site with stock images. However, if you find something appropriate, then please include in the layout and tell us where we need to get the image from.

– As far as possible, visual elements should feel custom. If you have scope to do nice custom icons or something a little diagrammatic or illustrative, and if it’s a vector thing, please also send the vector file in the delivery.

Info from you before we start the project

— Link to your work (on dribbble if your work is here)

— How do you prefer to deliver design files? (psd/pdf // figma // webflow // something else)

— How soon can you work on this? And when can you deliver it?

— Cost.

— Any questions or suggestions you have.

— This project is for design. But if you work with a developer you can also give a quote for development if you like.

Got questions?

Message me :)


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