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About us 🚀

We’re building a new way for businesses to create content using AI, unlocking a new wave of creativity and productivity for marketing teams. The Hypotenuse AI platform manages and creates everything from blog articles and product descriptions to social media posts and images within seconds using AI—all in a way that captures a brand’s unique voice. We're reshaping what takes weeks to do, and turning it into days.

We move fast. We’ve got over 500,000 users globally, including some of the largest Fortune 500 brands, and are backed by top global investors like Y Combinator, January Capital, and many others. We’ve got an experienced team of A-players with a background in AI research, FAANG, and top start-ups, and are looking for a marketer to join us.

The role ✨

Here, you have the opportunity to reshape how an entire industry works.

We’ve built some of the strongest AI models globally, and a stellar platform for brands and teams to create content. What’s left is to make sure the world knows it—that’s what this role is about.

This won’t be the standard pigeonholed marketing role that’s just specialized in social media or paid ads. You’ll work directly with the CEO driving and executing everything B2B marketing related in the company. This role will continuously evolve as the company grows, but here are some things you can expect to work on:

  • Setting up and driving online marketing campaigns (e.g. Google and Facebook ads). This includes coming up with the copy and marketing angles.
  • Track, analyze and dig into data + research on our ideal customer segments/profiles to hone our USPs, messaging and targeting.
  • In-app product marketing: creating walkthroughs, experimenting with messaging and working on increasing conversions within our app etc…
  • Create engaging and compelling content for social media campaigns, case studies, ads, email marketing, and setting up landing pages to drive traffic and educate users about our platform.

It will be broad and extremely hands on. There will be 100 things to do at each time, but not all of it will be done at the same time—the key will be prioritization on actions that will move the needle.

Sound like you? 🙌

We're looking for individuals with an unstoppable mentality who can thrive in a fast-paced environment. Working here won’t be easy—it’s not a 9–5 role in a big company. It will be demanding, and comes with a lot of hard work and long hours. But with that, comes magnitudes more impact, learnings, and growth than anywhere else.

We want people who aren’t just looking for another job but are excited about building something new.

We love ex-founders, or people who want to become founders themselves in the future. Here, your rate of growth matters more than where you’re at right now. We look for people who are:

  • Obsessively driven: you’re someone who’s relentless, hungry to learn, and will place personal ambition as one of your biggest priorities right now.
  • Scrappy: you get things done despite limited resources or circumstances going against you.
  • Hands-on: if you’re looking for a job to do “strategy”, or lots of theoretical planning, but not actually get your hands dirty yourself, then we’re likely not a fit.

The skills 🎯

  • At least 3+ years of B2B marketing experience
  • Strong familiarity with B2B, SaaS tools and start-ups
  • You think about analytics and metrics more than Taylor Swift thinks about her ex-boyfriends
  • You live and breathe CAC, CTR and conversion funnels
  • You know how to market to enterprise companies, and deeply understand B2B marketing strategies and tactics—with a track record of successfully driving demand and achieving revenue goals
  • Good design sense + experience in visual design tools
  • Able to come up with marketing campaigns end to end with limited resources

Note: must be based in Singapore or willing to relocate there.

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