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Founding Engineer - Frontend / Fullstack


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1 month ago

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Full time



What it means to be a founding engineer

Joining Vellum this early means that you’re going to play a huge part in guiding both the technical and cultural evolution of the company. Together, we’re going to face the hardest technical challenges this journey has to offer head on. As the team grows, you’ll be the battle hardened expert that everyone looks towards for guidance.

With great power comes great responsibility 🙂

What you’re signing up for

  • Tackling our most difficult (and interesting) problems - chaining, onboarding flows and prompt iteration, just to name a few
  • Shaping the way users experience Vellum
  • Optimizing the performance of our frontend
  • A/B testing changes to maximize the number of users that achieve successful outcomes
  • Defining and scoping green field projects that move the company forward
  • Working closely with customers to understand what the need, figuring out how to make them successful, and owning the solutions end to end
  • Serving as a cultural pillar of the team

Our stack

In case you’re curious:

  • React - as our frontend framework
  • Typescript - what we write our frontend in
  • Django - for our webservers
  • Flask - for our microservices
  • Python - what we write our backend in
  • Postgres - as our primary database
  • Google Cloud Platform - as our cloud provider

Working at Vellum


  • We’re laser focused on helping companies bring AI into production and providing real value. Decision making is simple: if what we do allows our users to increase how many use cases of AI they’re able to successfully put into production, then we do it!
  • Don’t cut corners, cut the right corners. What can you do with 10% of your time to get 90% of the desired impact? Now that you only spent 10% of the time doing something, imagine how much more can be done with the rest of your time!!
  • Everyone is a 1000x engineer/designer/pm when they’re passionate about the problems they’re solving and love the people they’re working with
  • Because we trust each other, we can move fast and have fun doing it 😄

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