Software Engineer (Backend Generalist)


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2 months ago

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Full time



At Speedy, we are building the future of content marketing. We harness the power of GenAI to empower brands with high-quality, personalized content for their businesses. If you are passionate about building the next generation of AI models and agents that empower businesses, this is the role for you!

We're looking Backend Engineer Generalist who likes solving challenging problems and doesn't mind diving into all things code and infra.

Technical Requirements

  • Deep understanding of Python syntax, data structures, and its standard libraries.
  • Experience with debugging tools and writing tests using frameworks like PyTest or unittest.
  • Proficient in using Django's ORM to model database schemas.
  • Experience in building RESTful APIs with DRF.
  • Knowledge of implementing various authentication methods (e.g., JWT, OAuth).
  • Basic understanding of front-end technologies for integrating with front-end developers and templating.
  • Proficient use of Git for version control, including branching, merging, and pull requests.
  • Experience with deployment tools (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes) and services (e.g., AWS, GCP, Azure).
  • Understanding of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipelines and tools (e.g., Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD).
  • Experience with Celery or similar tools for handling background tasks.
  • Understanding of caching mechanisms (e.g., Redis, Memcached) to improve application performance.
  • Ability to troubleshoot and solve complex technical problems.

You fit well if you

  • Are a tech explorer and like building latest and greatest
  • Self-driven and go getter
  • Constantly explore better ways to solve problems
  • Can juggle multiple tasks at once

Why Join Speedy?

Joining Speedy means being in the forefront of AI and how its changing the of the future of marketing workflows.

We are leveraging GenAI to help businesses share their story with the world. With Speedy, businesses can do content marketing and create blogs and social content that are engaging and speak their brand's tone.

There are 30M+ SMBs just in North America. These businesses currently either work with traditional marketing agencies which are heavy on the bank or find freelancers who can understand their brand (tough catch!). We are solving both these problems by building a content marketing software that's both affordable and reliable.

Backed by Google Ventures and YC, we are a team of AI founders who have 10+ years of experience building AI solutions for companies like Apple, Microsoft, Salesforce and Nextdoor.

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