Ml Engineer (Edge Inferencing)

Stealth Startup | Bay Area Or La (Hybrid)

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2 months ago

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Keywords: ios karma

We're a stealth startup building something unbelievably ambitious in the AI space that blends AI and gaming tech - co-founders are Andy Gavin [1] (co-founder of video game developer Naughty Dog) and myself (VP @ Microsoft, Credit Karma, previously Google and Naughty Dog). Venture-backed by top investors including First Round Capital and Battery. Get in on the ground floor and work directly alongside a living legend and a dream team of world-class talent.
We're looking for someone who has deep experience with CoreML and optimizing model inferencing for mobile usage (e.g. ANE on iOS).
[1] Andy Gavin on the Making of Crash Bandicoot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSHj5UKSylk

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