Senior Blockchain Security Engineer

Oak Security

Date listed

4 weeks ago

Employment Type

Full time




$100k - $400k

What we offer:

  • Escape the 9 to 5 lifestyle: We offer the most flexible remote working conditions imaginable, in a friendly team environment
  • Top of the industry compensation
  • Competitive incentive and referral programs
  • A growing base of exciting clients at the forefront of the top blockchain ecosystems

What you can work on:

  • High-level security consulting/architecture reviews
  • Smart contract audits (Solidity, CosmWasm, ink!, Cadence, Cairo)
  • Layer 1 audits (Cosmos SDK, Substrate/Polkadot, consensus level)
  • Bridge audits (custodial, light-client-based, zk-based)
  • Code reviews in various programming languages (Go, Rust, Solidity, Cadence, Cairo, JavaScript, TypeScript)

What we expect from you:

  • 2+ years of Rust/Go experience or 4+ years of Solidity experience with a passion for finding issues in code and an outstanding detail orientation
  • Knowledge of cryptographic protocols and understanding of cybersecurity
  • Deep interest in blockchain technology and decentralization
  • Experience in decentralized finance and economic modeling is a plus

About Oak Security:

Oak Security has a passionate team of 52 security engineers, with a track record of 400+ audits performed. We have partnered with several blockchains and ecosystem foundations with an emphasis on proof of stake ecosystems. Oak Security is one of the first companies to offer auditing and security consulting for emerging third-generation blockchains and is the leading security service provider in Rust and Go-based ecosystems.

Get a chance to work in the most exciting and fastest-growing ecosystems in the blockchain space and help secure the new financial frontier.

You can find our published audit reports here.

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