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We’re looking for a Windows application engineer to own Firezone's Windows client and drive it to success. This would be a great role for a seasoned application engineer looking to overcome distributed systems challenges at an early-stage security startup. If you thrive on solving low-level packet hacking problems, lie awake at night dreaming of NAT traversal, or obsess over squeezing every last bit of performance from your network stack, this role is ideal for you!

You'll be responsible for architecting, implementing, and testing the Firezone Windows application in Rust using WireGuard's low-level wintun driver. The ideal candidate will have experience shipping production Windows applications in Rust in addition to familiarity with the Windows kernel network stack.

If you’re not the world's foremost Rust expert, that’s ok! While a certain amount of Rust proficiency is ideal for this role, we value motivation to learn quickly and hack on challenging technical problems above all else.

Key features that make the role unique:

  • Ship code that runs on thousands of customer's devices worldwide
  • Overcome connectivity challenges related to blocking of the WireGuard® protocol by nation-states, congested public WiFi, and other hostile networks
  • Opportunity to "wear many hats": Rapidly level up your skillset across a variety of technologies from cross-platform development to TCP/IP hacking, to hacking on core pieces of the WireGuard protocol, to packet interception and mangling.
  • Nearly all of your work will be public — our codebase is 100% open source.
  • Be a founding engineer - you’ll make core architecture choices, shape company culture, and help set the bar for quality and execution.
  • We're a remote team, but we also value human interaction: we meet regularly for fun offsites, conferences, or hackathons.

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