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Filics Gmbh | Munich, Germany

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We're building a team of C++ engineers at Filics to develop software that makes our robots smarter and our autonomy team's job easier. You'll play a crucial role in turning their advanced algorithms into reality. By writing robust, efficient C++ code that empowers our autonomous robots, making them smarter and more capable. While the Autonomy Team focuses on algorithm development, you'll ensure these innovations work flawlessly in the real world by developing the underlying software infrastructure and libraries. It's not just about setting up the infrastructure and platform code; it's about pioneering solutions that redefine autonomy in robotics. Get a glimpse of our vision here: https://bit.ly/FilicsVision
This role isn’t just about coding; it's about being part of a team that directly supports the Autonomy Team, creating tools and systems that push the boundaries of what's possible. You should love the idea of mentoring and elevating the team's practices, all while tackling the unique puzzles robotics presents. This is your chance to be at the heart of innovation, where your work will directly impact the efficiency and intelligence of our autonomous systems.
Have a look at our open-source repo Hephaestus to get a grasp of how we work: https://github.com/olympus-robotics/hephaestus
Apply here: https://filics.jobs.personio.de/job/1469252?language=en&disp...
or drop me a message: https://www.linkedin.com/in/be-seyed/

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