Microfluidic Cartridge Assembly Operator - Become A Microfluidic Magician At Siphox!

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Who We Need: Are you ready to become a part-time wizard in the high-stakes world of medical diagnostic devices? SiPhox is on the hunt for a Microfluidic Cartridge Assembly Operator who can juggle tiny components without breaking a sweat (or the components). This gig kicks off on a thrilling three-month contract, with the potential to morph into a magical full-time adventure!

Your Magical Duties Include:

  • Conjuring up assemblies of mechanical and microfluidic components like a true sorcerer.
  • Wielding simple mechanical fixtures and complex inspection tools with the grace of a wand.
  • Casting spells of quality control on incoming parts to ensure they’re up to snuff.
  • Managing a mystical inventory of parts that might just manage itself (but seriously, it won’t).
  • Performing enchanting functional tests on assembled cartridges to ensure they’re spellbound properly.
  • Whispering wise words to engineers and brewing new ideas to enhance the assembly cauldron.

Do You Have the Wizardry Skills?

  • Manual dexterity that would make a sleight-of-hand magician jealous.
  • An eagle’s eye for detail – because who likes a leaky microfluidic cartridge?
  • A perpetually sunny disposition that can brighten even the gloomiest lab corners.
  • A spellbook (or just familiarity) with Microsoft Office.
  • Fluent in the tongue of English – spells, incantations, and regular conversation welcome.

Perks of the Enchantment:

  • A potion pack of benefits: Health, Dental, Vision, and Life insurance to keep you in tip-top wizarding shape.

To apply, send us your resume or a scroll of your most enchanting accomplishments.

Join us at SiPhox, where every day is a magical mystery in microfluidic mastery.

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