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Reporting to the CEO, the Operations Manager is accountable for the delivery and performance of Avenue’s CX, Design and Client Marketing teams. Leading these teams gives this role responsibility for the daily experience of our 1,000+ clients throughout North America.

As Avenue’s Operations Manager you are a key leader in building and developing our culture. We’re proud of our high-autonomy environment that empowers individuals to do their best work while here at Avenue. In this role, you’ll be responsible for fostering and developing this in pursuit of providing an industry-leading client experience and maximizing the value we deliver to our clients.

As a member of our management team, you have a key role in contributing to our company-wide strategic direction and the annual goals we use as measurements of success. As our teams pursue success in these, you will support through providing clarity of direction, coaching and feedback on progress, but, if required, you’re also no stranger to rolling up your sleeves and diving in to provide direct help.

Overall this is a dynamic, exciting role where you’ll play a leading role in the success of Avenue over the coming years both through building your strategic and management skills alongside being directly involved in all things Ops. If this sounds like the kind of challenge that makes you jump out of bed in the morning we look forward to receiving your application and learning more about you.

What You'll Do
  • Support & guide the Operations department in the delivery of headline metrics (see Key Metrics) and meeting company goals. Drive sustainable and consistent performance in pursuit of these, improving performance over the long-term.
  • Work with your team of Specialists and Leads to translate company goals & strategy into team objectives and targets.
  • Oversee the hiring, training and development of all Operations team members (directly managing Specialist and Leads) ensuring work is consistently of the highest quality.
  • Lead the most complex and highest priority projects to ensure successful delivery.
  • As part of our management group, you take a key role in providing feedback and input into company direction & goals. 
  • Clearly and consistently communicate company direction, building team-wide context, clarifying priorities and outlining our destination.
  • Collaborate cross-functionally with product, sales and marketing teams to foster long-term client success.
  • Lastly, you’ll take a lead role in building out the support function for our soon to be released new product set to be the first solution in our space leveraging cutting edge technologies to transform our service delivery - if this has you intrigued we’re happy to share more during the interview process!

Key Metrics
  • Revenue retention (Lost MRR, retention, upsells).
  • Customer satisfaction metrics (NPS, CSAT).
  • Client Marketing metrics (Client CTR/CPL, leads).
  • Design/client launch metrics (# client launches, time to launch, launch churn).

About You

Your Background
At Avenue, we care more about your competencies (see below) over experience, as we believe strong competencies equip team members to tackle the unfamiliar and varied challenges most often encountered in a company of our size and with our goals. However, as a key role at Avenue possessing some or all of the below experience will likely set you up to be successful as our future Operations Manager:
  • You have had experience managing customer service/support/delivery teams.
  • You have deep knowledge of all things Operations and have your finger on the pulse of best practices running Ops teams in tech companies.
  • You have worked in a tech company (software, hardware, e-commerce, etc.).
  • You have experience in a small company (<50 people).
  • You have experience working with Zendesk, Intercom, Slack, GSuite & Hubspot
  • You’re a strong Excel (GoogleSheets) user able to whip up an analysis of data to support a discussion or decision making in no time.

Long-term success in this role through growth on all Key Metrics and progress in ‘What You’ll Do’ resulting in a successful, well performing Operations function has the potential to open a path where this role develops into a Director-level role and therefore is a key leadership role in Avenue’s future.

Key Competencies
Avenue uses a competency-based approach to all People Operations, and this includes hiring. Competencies are broad qualities that lead to success in a role and within a career path. They’re the amalgamation of behaviors, skills, experience and ability. At Avenue, our competency framework comprises 9 individual competencies, which are consistent and present in all roles. However, each role has 3-4 key competencies that are essential to success. For the Operations Manager role, these are:
  • Communication
  • Understanding Context
  • Decision Making
  • Collaboration

In the interview stage of this hiring process, the questions will be specifically based on each of these key competencies. Ahead of that interview we will provide more information about our framework, including our definitions of these competencies, to enable you to prepare sufficiently.

Our Hiring Process
Avenue firmly believes in the value of a diverse and inclusive workplace where people come together to learn and grow. We welcome applicants of all different backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and perspectives. As a company, we are working to provide equal opportunities and a supportive work environment for all.

Applying for this position:
  • At this time, this role is only open to candidates with a home base aligned with PT/MT/CT/ET time zones (our roots are in Vancouver, BC).
  • Please submit your resume and a cover letter via our job posting at https://secure.collage.co/jobs/avenuehq/44795
  • Applications will be accepted until midnight on May 12, 2024. We will then review all applications and reach out to successful applicants to arrange interviews within 5 business days.

Successful applicants will then enter the following interview process:
  1. Phone screen with the hiring manager. This is an informal conversation to learn a little about you and provide more information about the role and Avenue.
  2. Technical Assessment. A short task (1-2 hours) to help you showcase some key skills and your way of working.
  3. Competency-based panel interviews with 3 members of Avenue’s team (including one representative from Avenue’s internal DEI council).
  4. Reference check

Working At Avenue

Distributed Work
We are a fully distributed team with team members across North American time zones. We are deliberate in our choice of working remotely and how we structure our way of working to take advantage of it. Working distributed at Avenue means:
  • Live and work wherever you are the happiest and most productive.
  • Async comms first (although not exclusively, we still appreciate the advantages of a face-to-face chat).
  • Flexible hours and vacation; at Avenue you work when it makes the most sense for you and your team to do their best work.
  • Compensation benchmarked to our original home market of Vancouver, BC.
  • Twice yearly offsites to spend time in-person building deeper relationships

Compensation and Benefits
  • Starting annual salary of $80,000
  • Generous equity package. We believe strongly that every team member at Avenue should own equity and share in its long-term success.
  • Great benefits including dental, medical and travel insurance.
  • Health/Wellness spending account gives you the flexibility, choice and control over your health, choose to put this towards a gym pass, ski pass, regular massage, etc.
  • The right tools for the job: Macbook, accessories and a second monitor.
  • $500 to set up your home office just how you like.
  • $40/month internet allowance to upgrade your internet to a speedier package to ensure you never have to deal with a laggy video call.
  • Flexible approach to when you work including flexible hours and vacation. We also close every year for the winter holiday week (Christmas to New Year).

About Avenue
Avenue is a distributed, fully remote organization. We transitioned to this way of working in 2020 (like everyone else!) but haven’t looked back since and plan to remain so permanently. Asynchronous communication and flexible hours let us schedule our days so we work when we do our best work without missing out on life’s important moments.

Avenue grew out of a need we saw in the real estate industry. All of the REALTORS® we knew put in hours of screen time each week online, trying to manage the many moving parts that made up their personal marketing. They wanted to attract new clients, but they weren’t getting the results they wanted.

As a team of marketers, engineers, and designers, we saw how our respective skill sets could work together to solve their problems. We could give Realtors what they’d never had before: The chance to market themselves online, and stand out—supported by the knowledge and tools only a team of experts could provide.

Today Avenue offers realtors through North America a beautiful semi-custom website aligned with their brand, lead capture tools, lite-CRM, online advertising management and a monthly email newsletter. Giving our clients access to a complete online marketing strategy that was previously only available through high-cost agencies.

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