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Modular Cloud is building the next-gen version of a product known as a “block explorer”. Blockchain data is typically hard to access and understand. Block explorers solve this problem by presenting the data on the web in a human-readable format.

From a design perspective, our block explorer is different from others in the following ways:

  1. It is a power tool for developers. Think about how Superhuman revolutionized the UX of email. Or how Linear made mundane product management delightful. We want to create a similarly elevated experience for developers accessing blockchain data—allowing them to efficiently access what they need in the most enjoyable way possible.

  2. Our technology platform is customizable. There is no one-size-fits all. There are thousands blockchain protocols and smart contracts in existence. How can we craft a universal UI perfectly suited to each of these use cases? We can’t. Therefore, we are building programmability and customizability into our application.

  3. Everything is open source. Our designs and code will all be open to the public. While the company does maintain some proprietary IP, the block explorer is completely open. People can look at the designs, read the code, learn from it, use it, and run it locally. We want to give back to the community.

This role is for the main designer at the company. As a result, these will be the responsibilities:

  1. Design strategy. How should we approach design given the company’s objectives?

  2. Creativity. This is a creative role. We deeply value this capacity.

  3. UI and UX. We need someone who can create beautiful, functional designs based on the needs of our users. This includes things like animated page transitions, custom icons, and building a design system.

  4. Wear many hats. Since this role is for our main designer, this person will also need to be able to help with designing landing pages, creating marketing assets, and managing design contractors.

  5. Branding. Although we will likely engage an outside agency for branding, we need our in-house designer to be a part of this process.

  6. Work closely with the founders. Modular Cloud is a small company that raised $1.7M in venture capital. This role will report directly to the CEO (who is also the frontend developer).


  • Evidence of exceptional ability (portfolio or work experience)

  • No blockchain familiarity needed

  • Thinks working hard is a good thing

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