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Join Lobi Space & Studios as a Lobi Trusted Partner

About Us:

Lobi Space & Studios is a Chicago-based business incubator dedicated to supporting small businesses across the Midwest and Chicago in various business categories. We offer office space, production studios, podcast facilities, and marketing resources to our thriving community of over 1500+ entrepreneurs.

Project Overview:

We're launching the Lobi Trusted program, connecting businesses with trusted marketing companies, designers, social media managers, and creators passionate about launching small businesses and startups. Becoming a Lobi Trusted Partner grants you continuous access to leads from small businesses seeking marketing and branding services.

Moreover, you'll receive prominent exposure on our platform, including placement in the Lobi Trusted Members section to over 1500+ members in Chicago, spotlight features in blogs, podcast feature on Lobi Talks, and promotional materials.

Each marketing partner will need to clearly design service packages encompassing their services. Top services requested:

  • Logo Development: Create visually striking and memorable logos tailored to the client's brand identity and objectives.

  • Brand Identity Kits: Develop comprehensive brand identity kits, including color palettes, typography guidelines, and visual elements to establish a cohesive brand image.

  • Social Media Strategy Kits: Design strategies and content guidelines optimized for various social media platforms to enhance brand visibility and engagement.

- Product Label Design Kits: Craft eye-catching and informative product labels that effectively communicate key product information and resonate with the target audience.

Ensure members and clients understand price ranges and deliverables upfront

Clearly communicate the pricing structure and deliverables associated with each service package to provide transparency and avoid misunderstandings.

Please consider the following price ranges tailored to suit our members' budgets:

Brand Identity Packs

  - Basic: $1500-$2500

  - Advanced: $3500 - $5000

  - Product ( Brand Book + Label Designs) : $5000-$7500.00

Website Development Kits

  - Basic 5 Page: $2500

  - Advanced 10 Page: $5000-$7000

Add Ons

Social Media Kits: $750 - $1500

Photography: $500-$1500.00

Landing Pages : $750 -$1500

Workflow Process & Payout

Projects will be managed through our project management portal with the help of Lobi Trusted Advisor that will make the first initial intro call and make sure that each project is successful from discovery to completion.

Lobi Trusted Advisor Responsibilities To Members & Vendors:

  • Quoting: Provide accurate and timely quotes for projects based on the scope of work and client requirements.

  • Communication: Maintain open and effective communication channels with clients to address their concerns, provide updates, and gather feedback throughout the project lifecycle.

- Project Completion: Coordinate all aspects of project completion, ensuring deadlines are met, and deliverables are of the highest quality.

A dedicated advisor will provide guidance, support, and expertise to both clients and designers/vendors throughout the project, ensuring alignment with objectives and facilitating smooth project execution.


  • Minimum 7+ years of experience in your field of expertise with a proven track record of delivering quality work.

  • Experience working with a variety of clients, including start-ups, lawyers, insurance companies, charities, media companies, and e-commerce product founders.

  • Ability to demonstrate expertise in developing brand identities and delivering exceptional design solutions

  • Strong communication skills and the ability to articulate project requirements clearly. DELIVER ON TIME!

  • Provide graphic design services, with a focus on developing brand identity kits for small business clients: Leverage creative expertise and industry insights to develop bespoke brand identity solutions tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of small business clients.

YOU MUST - Present comprehensive price packages that outline the cost breakdown and deliverables associated with each service, empowering members to make informed decisions and manage their budgets effectively.

How to Apply:

Join us on a journey to help small businesses thrive!

Submit your application along with your portfolio detailing your relevant experience.

Further details regarding the partnership will be provided upon the review of your application.

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