Founding Engineer


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1 week ago

Employment Type

Full time

What You'll Do:

  • Engineering Leadership: Craft the architecture and establish technical standards that will set the tone for years to come.
  • Full-stack Coding: You'll be writing a lot of code—balancing speed and technical debt to get us to market fast and efficiently.
  • DevOps Mastery: Own the CI/CD pipeline, troubleshoot performance, and keep our services running seamlessly.
  • Product Vision: Collaborate with customers to refine use cases and lead us towards impactful features and enhancements.
  • UX flows: Sometimes when you can’t get a hold of us you might have to run with your own intuition.
  • Customer Support: Engage with our community in Slack and Discord to resolve issues and gather invaluable feedback.

Your DNA:

  • Ideally, you have been a founder in the past or want to become one straight after this position.
  • Technical Excellence: With 4+ years of engineering experience, you can architect systems, reason through complexity, and build reliable products.
  • Ownership and Initiative: You eagerly take the lead and run projects to completion, leaving a mark across engineering, culture, and the broader organization.
  • Adaptability and Versatility: Whether switching hats across engineering, product, and support or solving ambiguous challenges, you're up for it all.
  • Pace and Passion: Thrive in the chaos of a startup, ready to put your code in production and see it succeed.

Tech Stack:

  • Full-stack: Typescript, Next.js, React, SST serverless on AWS/Cloudflare
  • Core IDE: TipTap with Y.js for collaborative editing
  • Orchestration: PartyKit (Cloudflare Durable Objects) for Y.js WebSockets
  • LLM Integration: Open source and proprietary LLMs via Together AI, OpenAI, Anthropic, Mistral, Groq, Google, Cohere, and Perplexity
  • More cool ML optimisation projects that we can’t talk about yet — think Grammarly for prompting
  • Read more here.

At Wordware, you'll shape not only our product but your own career trajectory, opening doors to future roles such as founder, CTO, or architect. If you're ready to lay the foundation of something remarkable, let's connect.

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