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Hyperdx | Hybrid Sf/San Mateo

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We're building an open source, dev friendly observability tool (think Datadog, but something developers actually love to use and companies can actually afford).
We're in the intersection of needing to build rock solid infrastructure ingesting TBs of data, searching it incredibly quickly and scalably, and layering on top a buttery smooth DX from our language-specific SDKs, APIs and web app.
We're super early and hiring our first founding engineer. We already have a cloud product customers pay for and love, loads of runway regardless of the wider economy, 5k+ Github stars, and tons of hard technical problems.
The vast majority of our work is open source, so you can get a sense of what you'd be working with here: https://github.com/hyperdxio/hyperdx
Our job listing is here as well: https://www.ycombinator.com/companies/hyperdx/jobs/1Ja2psR-f...
Come by our discord as well if you just want to talk shop: https://hyperdx.io/discord
I'm Mike, one of the cofounders. If you love shipping quickly and want to help us build from the ground up an open source developer tool (that devs won't hate when they're on-call), let me know! mike [at] hyperdx.io

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