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We are looking for a motivated full-stack founding engineer to join and ultimately lead our engineering team. You’ll work directly with the co-founders and our early customers to help data teams around the world be more effective at working with their data.

This is a role that is strongly focused on product and you will often be designing new features from scratch that are brand new to the industry. Customer-facing product development experience is a big plus.

We offer fair and comprehensive salary and equity as well as a slate of other benefits:

  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • New equipment (macbook, monitor, etc)
  • 401K
  • Quarterly offsites

 Interesting Problems We are Solving

There is no shortage of interesting technical and product problems to solve at Turntable. We have years of development work ahead of us and your time spent working with us will be on high-impact, customer-facing product features.

  • Developing AI models that can generate SQL, write documentation and understand an organization’s data models in their warehouse
  • Hacking up SQL compilers, network libraries and abstract syntax tree parsers to generate a column-level data lineage view of an entire warehouse
  • Building large canvas, Figma-like frontend experiences
  • Designing realtime, multiplayer infrastructure

Our Engineering Culture

Our founding team comes from places like Stripe, Pinterest, Twitter, and Cruise. At Turntable, we take inspiration from how some of the best engineering teams in the industry operate and we try to add our own remixes as well.

Some examples of how we work

  • We dogfood our own product every day. We build data pipelines for our business in Turntable and we often hop into our product to help customers be successful.
  • We prioritize speed and rapid iteration. We believe that done is better than perfect and that most of the learning of a feature happens after launch.
  • We are low ego and high on empathy. We believe good engineering is not enough to build a category-defining product - we also need a highly functional team.
  • We all wear the customer hat. Engineers at Turntable will often interact with customers and the customer are at the center of what we build.
  • We celebrate wins, ships, and learnings. We host Friday happy hours to demo what was built during the week and to share what we learned.
  • Slope > intercept. We believe a good engineering culture should be focused on providing interesting opportunities to engineers to grow and level up their careers.

Our Tech stack

Our tech stack is always evolving. We don’t expect candidates be an expert at every part of our stack. Here are the highlights:

Artificial Intelligence

  • Pytorch
  • The OpenAI platform (fine tuning, gpt4, gpt3.5, embeddings)
  • PGvector


  • Python
  • Fastapi
  • Docker
  • Postgres
  • AWS


  • React
  • Typescript
  • Tailwindcss
  • Vercel

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