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Integrations Engineer (Backend: Node Or C#)


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3 weeks ago

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Full time



This role will work closely with the CTO to create, maintain and document our externally consumed API.

Propify Engineering "Core Four"

These four guiding principles stem from the countless challenges encountered by PropTechs working to innovate the industry. Any engineering decision we make should improve our standing in at least one of these 4 categories.


Our API should be as reliable and dependable as possible — spanning several regions and cloud vendors for maximum uptime.


From accurate API documentation to our normalized data model, PropTechs can depend on us for consistent implementation.


Special attention is placed on retry and replay strategies for our ETL system with the knowledge that requests will fail and vendor payloads will change unannounced. This is where we really shine and take away the pain from our customers.


Access to documentation, system (internal and external) statuses, event logs and even opting into webhooks for important event notifications is a major component of what Propify provides to our customers.

About you

  • You are great at "hacking" the system and figuring out problems that are largely undocumented
  • You love open communication and moving quickly
  • You are passionate about developer experience and obsessed with creating readable, maintainable code
  • You understand the power and importance of writing tests for your code
  • You are passionate about creating amazing developer experiences (internal and external)
  • You are passionate about our “Core Four” principles (Reliability, Consistency, Resiliency, and Visibility)
  • You love innovation and enabling others to innovate for an industry in need


  • 3+ years writing integrations against REST and/or SOAP APIs
  • 3+ years writing tests to support success and failure code paths
  • Strong familiarity with how distributed systems work and how they differ from centralized systems


  • 3+ years of NodeJS/Typescript or C#
  • 3+ years postgres or similar
  • 3+ years Jest or similar testing framework


  • Create and maintain integrations with property management systems (REST and SOAP APIs)
  • Communicate changes, ideas, thoughts, failures, and improvements to the team
  • Act as a developer advocate at all times
  • Troubleshoot and fix failures
  • Work as a team to support your fellow engineers in problem-solving and best practices
  • Write tests for your own code and your teammates’ code when needed

Bonus Points

  • You have worked with SOAP APIs before
  • You LOVE Node/ts, but are also comfy python, C# and/or java

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